CONduit Closes Down

CONduit, Utah’s big tent sf con for the past 25 years, will no longer be the place to be on Memorial Day weekend. Former chair Erin Ruston announced the leadership has voted to call it quits.

This decision came after several months of heart wrenching discussion. The Trustees were informed before this year’s convention that most of the Administrative Committee would be stepping down. Calls were put out for volunteers to step into these key, lead roles. Many of you stepped forward to help, but unfortunately nobody wished to take on the vital Business and Chairman roles. With this information in hand, the Trustees called for a general vote at today’s meeting on whether push forward or ‘call it.’ The vote was near unanimous (1 abstention and 1 opposed) to end CONduit’s run.

The SF/F Con business entity will continue to be licensed and held open, should a plucky group of fans wish to approach that entity’s Trustees with a business plan for other events. SF/F Con Inc. will continue to maintain CONduit’s web and social media presence for the fans. I will post details on how those individuals can be reached, as well as the vote record from today’s meeting as soon as I have the full transcription from today’s secretary.

CONduit has had 25 great years, but all things have a natural life cycle and it has come to it’s conclusion. Luckily, the richness of Utah’s fandom environment has provided us all with many chances to see our friends and fandom family. So, we will look forward to seeing you all throughout the year.

David Doering says the name CONduit came about as a way to reinivigorate the local SF community. A team came together to do a new convention after the infamous Western Recon II of 1982. The name meant “We CON do it.” Regrettably, after 25 years the concom no longer can.

[Thanks to Dave Doering for the story.]