Prix Jacques-Brossard 2022

Fanie Demeule has won the Prix Jacques-Brossard 2022, an award for French sff worth C$3,000. The jury selected her for the award based on her production of the previous year, which included her novels Highlands, published by Québec Amérique, and Mukbang, published by Tête première.

The other two finalists for the award were Andréa Renaud-Simard for her novel Le Livre ardent (VLB éditeur) as well as her short story “Ulann” (Solaris 219) and Éric Gauthier for Les Étages ultérieures (Alire).

This year’s jurors were Pierre-Luc Lafrance, Catherine Leroux (last year’s winner), Esther Rochon, and Elisabeth Tremblay.