Matheson Signed Portrait

Matheson Companion(large)Harry O. Morris was Richard Matheson’s preferred cover artist. Morris’ portrait of the author, presented at the book release party for Woman, pleased Matheson so much he insisted Gauntlet Press use it on The Richard Matheson Companion.

Now the publisher is making the portrait available as an 8 x 10 in a handmade bonded leather folder. Harry Morris will sign each of the illustrations.

And on the left inside of the folder will be a copy of a typed page from Matheson’s screenplay for “Dracula” complete with handwritten corrections. Matheson signed each page of the script so every customer will be getting a unique page not available to anyone else. Click this link for more details.

I was excited to read this confirmation of Morris’ success as an artist because I recall his 1970s fanzine Nyctalops, a Lovecraft-oriented publication, as one of my favorites.

Harry O. Morris

Harry O. Morris

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the story.]