Mowatt Interviews TAFF Contenders

Jim Mowatt’s conversations with all three 2012 Trans Atlantic Fan Fund candidates are available in a new podcast.

Jacq Monahan, Warren Buff and Kim Kofmehl, three highly articulate fans, talk about who they’d like to meet, where they’d like to visit, and answer the question “Why TAFF is still relevant?”

After listening, I find it harder than ever to choose just one!

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2012 TAFF Ballot

The official ballot for the 2012 TAFF race [PDF file] has been posted on the fan fund’s unofficial website.

When the dust cleared, this was the complete slate of candidates and nominators:

  • Warren Buff: (nominators James Bacon, Paul Cornell, Chris Garcia, Tim Illingworth and Lloyd Penney)
  • Kim G. Kofmel: (nominators Flick, Brad Foster, Jeanne Gomoll, Alice Lawson, and Pat Virzi/Mueller)
  • Jacqueline Monahan: (nominators Sandra Bond, Nic Farey, Steve Green, Curt Phillips and John Purcell)

The voting deadline is December 9, 2011 at 23:59 (GMT in Europe, MST in North America). Votes may be submitted by mail (make donation checks payable to the administrators) or via PayPal. Addresses and other necessary information appears on the ballot. The minimum donation is (US)$3 or £2.

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