JumpCon’s Senter To Plead Guilty Nov. 23

Authorities have announced JumpCon organizer Shane Senter will plead guilty to two violations of New Hampshire’s Consumer Protection Act and two theft charges at a plea and sentencing hearing November 23.

Conventionfans has posted a PDF copy of the New Hampshire Attorney General’s letter to those who filed complaints about JumpCon with the state’s Consumer Protection office.

The State will recommend a suspended sentence, says the letter, plus 5 years probation. A condition of the sentencing agreement is that Senter “not own, operate, manage or control a business where he takes deposits/payments prior to providing the promised goods and/or services.” Senter is also required to pay restitution to victims of his operation of JumpCon (application for payment to be made through the Hillsborough County Probation Office.)

Court-ordered restitution in this criminal proceeding may not be dischargeable by Senter’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy. (Airlock Alpha lists some of the claimed debts.)

[Via Deb Geisler.]