GalaxyCon, Toner 2 Cancelled

GalaxyCon logoHere’s proof that you have to read fanzines if you want all the news. I learned from Arnie Katz’ latest issue of Claptrap that GalaxyCon, scheduled to be held in Las Vegas this November, has been cancelled — and taken Toner 2 with it.

Toner 2 was to have been Arnie’s con-within-a-con for “those who love to write, draw, publish and post for Fandom.”

The GalaxyCon website holds hope for the future, saying, “We are considering our options and will be working toward the goal of getting our Con rescheduled in 2015.”

Toner 2 Is Coming

Toner 2 will be a con for “those who love to write, draw, publish and post for Fandom” announces Arnie Katz. It will be a convention-within-a convention sponsored by GalaxyCon, and take place at the Palace Station Hotel-Casino Friday, October 31-November 2.

Toner 2 has its own facilities, program and events, its own Sunday brunch banquet, and special publications. But members have admission to both cons, and can partake of as much, or as little, of GalaxyCon as they please.

GalaxyCon has announced a special deal for Toner 2 fans that includes GalaxyCon’s star-studded Saturday evening banquet as well as the Toner Sunday brunch. The price is $75.

GalaxyCon’s headliners are David Gerrold, Lubov, Richard Lupoff, Fan GoH Joyce Worley Katz, and Filk Guest Alexander James Adams. For Membership and Hotel Reservations visit the GalaxyCon website.