Zero Gravity SF Issues #14 and #15 Released

By Ersatz Culture: The first two — out of a projected three — issues of the Hugo Award-winning Best Fanzine Zero Gravity SF covering the Chengdu Worldcon are now available for download.

A machine translation (with manual edits) of editor RiverFlow’s announcement follows, with the original Chinese text at the bottom of this post.  A similar announcement can be found on Weibo.  That Weibo post includes the instructions for downloading the two PDFs from Baidu, but I have also uploaded them to Google Drive as individual files, which may be easier for people outside of China to deal with; see further down this post for the links.

By RiverFlow and Ling Shizhen:

To our readers:

At present, the last six articles (53,000 characters plus 48 pictures) of issue #16 of Zero Gravity, the “2023 Chengdu World Science Fiction Convention Feature”, are still being edited and completed.  However, in order to fit in with the festive atmosphere of this year’s Spring Festival, we edited the first two issues (#14 and #15) of this feature before midnight of the first day of the Chinese New Year, and made a small-scale dissemination in several QQ groups and WeChat groups in advance.

When the 16th issue is finished on the 15th or 16th of this month, we will unify the WeChat posts, and release the three issues for download on

Thank you to all the authors who have submitted articles and authorized reprints; your words and photographs from a variety of perspectives have recreated a diverse range of memories and histories.

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!

We wish you all the best of luck as you leave the old and welcome the new, and write your own new chapters in this Year of the Dragon, on top of the old footprints of the 2023 Chengdu World Science Fiction Convention!

The contents of the two issues are listed below.  The author names and article titles are (mostly) machine translated, and are likely to have inaccuracies, although RiverFlow did double check the author names, so hopefully these are the preferred English renditions.

Where articles are translations from another language, I’ve added links to the English versions, where I could find them.  Several of the con reports were previously linked – and in some cases excerpted – in prior Pixel Scroll Chengdu roundups.

Issue 14

136 pages, 33MB PDF file, Google Drive download link.

1. RiverFlow – Editorial
3. Ling Shizhen – Editorial; An Explanation
6. Shuang Chimu – A Journey of Constant Surprises: Interviews from the Worldcon
10. Chen Xuchang – The World is So Big That Science Fiction Can Be Seen: Interviews from the 77th Worldcon
14. Shi Ran – Expand the Boundaries of Imagination: Interesting People Never Say Goodbye:  Interviews from the 76th Worldcon
16. Lin Jiayu – If We Never Met: Interviews from the 76th Worldcon
18. [Hugo Finalist] Regina Kanyu Wang – “Smofcon”, a Secret Gathering of the “Masterminds” of Science Fiction Conventions
23. Mo Xiong – Random Thoughts on the 81st Worldcon
26. Dong Fangmu – Dong Fangmu‘s Chengdu Worldcon
30. Tian Tian – Attending the Worldcon in a Dual Capacity
43. San Ma – Under the Sea of Illusion There Are Cornerstones: A Look at the Worldcon
44. Kun Tu – My “Online Cloud Attendance”: Memories, Insights, Feelings
47. Xiao Xinghan – My Trip to the Worldcon
51. Hai Ya – My Hugo Award Acceptance Speech
52. Bu Ya – All We Need is a Reason To Be Together
55. Shi Min – Jinan Fantasy Fans Brave the Worldcon
56. Mo Cun – What I Talk About When I Talk About the Chengdu Worldcon
58. Youlika – Go Ahead, I’ll Listen: Talking About the Kind of Communication We Deserve From the Worldcon
63. Chi Dao – I Still Have Hope For the Sci-Fi Industry
65. Nicholas Whyte – Doctor Who in China: Chengdu Worldcon Memories [Original English language blog posts]
72. Dip Ghosh – It’s Not Fiction, It’s Real!  The Chengdu Worldcon Experience [English language translation of the Bengali original]
74. Zhao Liang – Sci-Fi Destinations: Travelling to the 81st Worldcon
78. Sun Saibo – I Want to Follow the Stars
80. Fen Xing Cheng Zi – Worldcon Huawei Science Fiction Salon Essay
82. Wu Bing Keyue – Deep in the light is the way we went: Memories of the Chengdu Worldcon
86. DaDa Black Goose – Our Existence Itself Shines Brightly Enough: Memories and Experiences of the 81st Worldcon
93. [Hugo Finalist] Ren Qing – A Dream With No Standard Answer
95. Shen Yusi – One Man’s Science Fiction: An Insight into the Chengdu Worldcon
97. He Minghan – There’s Something to Fill Your Stomach Again: 2023 Worldcon in Chengdu
99. Roderick Leeuwenhart – 81st Worldcon Report [Original English language blog post]
101. Zhang Jinxuan – Dream of Sci-Fi Romance, Travelling Through the Infinite Stars
102. Chris M. Barkley – My Most Memorable Moment at the Chengdu Worldcon [Original English language post]
103. Cora Buhlert – An Open Letter to the 2023 Hugo Finalists, Whoever They May Be [Original English language post]
105. Cao Wenjun – Day and Night of Science Fiction People: Chengdu Worldcon
109. Zui Youjie – Where the Rain Doesn’t Stack Up
112. Zhong Heng Sihai – The Self-Cultivation of a Phantom Fan
113. Lan Mei – Sci-fi is Kinda Nice – A Volunteer’s Memory of the Chengdu Worldcon
119. HG – Live Long and Prosper
120. Li Chi – Science Fiction Convention Rules Weirdness
121. Zhen Guoqing – Loss and Uncertainty After Attending the Convention
122. Silampeta – Is China’s Science Fiction on the Road to Alienation Like the Second Dimension?  Afterword to Chengdu Worldcon

Issue 15

130 pages, 35MB PDF file, Google Drive download link

1. RiverFlow – Editorial
3. Ling Shizhen – Editorial; An Explanation
6. RiverFlow – Science Fiction Fans Bonded by Care and Gathering: Travelogue of the 81st Worldcon
47. RiverFlow – Confessions After Winning the Hugo Award for Best Fanzine
51. Joseph Brandt – Chengdu Discovery Editorial, or Phantom Voyager Landing in Chengdu  [Translated from an English language version which does not seem to be available online.]
59. Fu Shi – Hugo Awards Ceremony at the 81st Worldcon
60. Bai Ta – Some Thoughts on the Chengdu Worldcon and the Hugo Awards
61. Hong Peng – The World of Sci-Fi is Big Enough For You to Love: What a Sci-Fi Retailer Saw, Thought, and Felt at the Worldcon
75. [Hugo Finalist] Arthur Liu (aka HeavenDuke, Yang Feng) – Record of the Chengdu Worldcon
101. [Hugo Finalist] Arthur Liu (aka HeavenDuke, Yang Feng) – India’s Version of Jodorowsky’s Dune
103. SF Light Year – Sci-Fi Fans’ Darkest Hour at the Worldcon
108. Coco – The Journey of Dreams, Brightened by Love
109. Zhang Ran – Seriousness, Grandeur and Roughness
110. Hua Long – Meet Aldiss at the 81st Worldcon
111. Wu Paopian – Friends, I Hope We Meet Again
112. Xu Xiling – Me and RiverFlow
113. Han Song – Reflections on Seven Days at the 81st Worldcon
120. Lin Yun – Reflections on the 81st Worldcon’s Science Fiction Film and Television Forum

Plus three full-page cartoon artworks drawn at the con by Wu Miao and (many, many)
photos and smaller pieces of artwork, handwritten messages, etc.

RiverFlow’s original Chinese language announcement: