Follow Alyson Abramowitz’ Campaign

Alyson Abramowitz, known within fandom as a conrunner and once-upon-a-time fanzine publisher, has also applied her skills to organizing the mundane world as an active member of the Democratic Party.

She enjoyed the best of both in 2004 as the National Chairperson for High Stakes, a Kerry/Edwards fundraising event that connected donors at local parties in a conference call with Joss Whedon.

Just now Alyson is running for one of the six seats on the Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee from the 22nd Assembly District. You can follow her campaign on Facebook. Democratic voters will make their choices on June 8.

California’s Democratic Party is governed by the Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC). Members serve two-year terms.

In 2000, Alyson was among the six who won seats on the Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee from the 24th Assembly District. In a contested election she finished fifth in a field of nine candidates.

Alyson previously ran for the 22nd Assembly District in 2006 and in 2008, the second time being one of the six selected for the 22nd Assembly District in an uncontested election.

I first met Alyson at the 1974 Worldcon and when an acquaintance is the candidate it’s easier to take an interest in the wealth of political intelligence that can be discovered with Google.

Of course it was no surprise to learn from Huffington Post’s Fundrace 2008 that Alyson contributed to Kerry’s 2004 campaign. After all, she was a delegate to the 2004 Democratic National Convention, pledged to Kerry. (And she had been an alternate delegate to the 2000 convention.)

Today she’s a member of the Finance Committee of the California Democratic Party. And Alyson was Chair California Democratic Party Business and Professional Caucus during the 2009 campaign.

I’ll be back with the results on Election Day.