Anne Devereaux Jordan Crouse (1943-2013)

Anne Jordan at Constellation, the 1983 Worldcon, where she accepted a Hugo for Edward Ferman. Photo by & Copyright © 2013 Andrew Porter

Anne Devereaux Wilson Jordan Crouse, founder of the Children’s Literature Association and a former editor for F&SF, died February 2 of lung cancer at the age of 69.

She worked for The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction from 1979-1989, both on the magazine and some of its hardcover story collections where she was credited as Anne Jordan.

Jordan wrote 11 books under her own name and as a ghost writer on 10 other nonfiction books. She published poetry in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, and Star*Line, the magazine of the Science Fiction Poetry Association. Crouse also contributed to the New York Review of Science Fiction.

She founded the Children’s Literature Association in 1973 and served as its executive Secretary/Treasurer as well as Director of the Annual Conference in Children’s Literature until 1976. In 1992, she was the first recipient of the “Anne Devereaux Jordan Award,” an award established in her honor and now given annually by The Children’s Literature Association for outstanding contributions to the field of children’s literature. From 1994 to 1998, she was a senior editor of TALL (Teaching and Learning Literature for Children and Young Adults) for which she also wrote two bimonthly columns.

Anne Jordan also had a long teaching career teaching, variously at Eastern Connecticut State University, Wesleyan University, Central Connecticut State University, the University of Connecticut, the University of Hartford and Western Michigan University.

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the story. This post largely draws on the obit posted by the funeral home.]