Graeme Cameron, Brazen Award Giver

R. Graeme Cameron presented his Elron Awards at VCON 37 on September 30 – awards personally “bronzed” by The Graeme himself. The Elrons are fandom’s oldest ongoing spoof awards, predating the Hogus and Black Holes. And the winners are:

  • Avro Arrow Fen, for nearly convincing the Canadian Federal Government to revive the Arrow project cancelled more than 60 years ago
  • Dutch Birdman ‘Jarno Smeets’ for not choosing the more obvious solution to manned flight, i.e. cloning giant Pteradactyls to ride on
  • Professor Parker for wasting effort creating artificial yet living Jelly Fish when more calimari is what’s needed
  • James Cameron for funding Parker’s experiments in order to seed the bottom of the ocean (hence deep dive project) to grow a fleet of killer jellyfish so that he really can become ‘King of the World’
  • The Mars Expedition One ‘Reality Show’ Project, for cheapening a cherished dream (Colony on Mars) yet still making it possible… maybe…
  • Disney Execs re John Carter flick, for sabotaging their own film with lousy promotion
  • The geeks who programmed the copyright ‘bots which cut short the livestream broadcast of the 2012 Hugo ceremony
  • Swill by Vile Fen Press, for Worst Fanzine
  • And, of course, John Norman for 40+ years of genuine swill

Next, Cameron presented his selections as winners of the 2012 Faned Awards for achievements in 2011:

  • Best Fan Artist: Scott Patri
  • Best Fan Writer: Taral Wayne
  • Best Loc Hack: Michael John Bertrand
  • Best Fanzine: Swill by VileFen Press
  • Hall of Fame: Nils Helmer Frome (Editor of SupraMundane Stories circa 1937)

Only Canadians are eligible for the Faneds, designed to promote Canadian SF&F fanzine fandom and its heritage.