David Cake Is 2011 DUFF Winner

David Cake won the 2011 DUFF race with a first-round majority reports Emma Hawkes, Australian Administrator:

ROUND            AUS     NA    Total
David Cake       69      11     80
Paula McGrath    33      24     57
Hold Over Funds                  1
Write-In                         1
No Preference                    9
                ---    ---     ---
                102     35     148

The third time was a charm for Cake, who rebounded from previous defeats in 2002 and 2009. 

[Thanks to Marty Cantor, John Hertz, Catherine Crockett, Ansible Links and all the ships at sea for the story.]

Update 06/07/2011: Courtesy of Marty Cantor I have a copy of Emma Hawkes’ e-mail with a correction, adding 1 vote to Paula McGrath giving her a total of 57, making 148 votes cast altogether. (No info on which region that last vote came from.) Marty also says he persuaded Emma to divulge that the recipient of the single write-in vote was Tess Williams. // Cantor writes that the vote must have come from Australasia, because he knows Hertz hasn’t contacted her since the first tally was announced. So I have updated the columns accordingly.