2019 VCON Cancelled

The chair of VCON 43 has stepped down a month before the scheduled event and the host organization has decided to cancel the con both this year and next, with hopes of relaunching it in 2021.

VCON, the Vancouver-area’s longest-running convention, started in 1971.   

Chris Sturges, the interim chair, explained that his predecessor resigned for health reasons and followed with the announcement that VCON 43 is cancelled:

We’re very sorry to announce that due to a variety of reasons, the WCSFA board has decided that we no longer have sufficient resources to put on a convention that would be up to the standards of the organization. It was voted unanimously to cancel this year’s convention and work to rebuild the event for a 2021 launch (our 50th anniversary). I understand this must be a great disappointment for everyone who has worked so hard on this event, but it was clear there was no way for the event to continue.

…All current members will be contacted to determine whether they would like to have their membership refunded, held over to the next VCON, or donated to the fund to settle the hotel penalties.

Spider Robinson Commits to Next Year’s VCON

R. Graeme Cameron has stepped in as chair of next year’s VCON. Happily, as one of his first acts, was able to announce that Spider Robinson, prevented by illness from attending VCON 40 this past weekend, has agreed to be Master of Ceremonies for VCON 41 in 2016. Cameron says, “I know I speak for all local fen (fen everywhere for that matter) that we are glad he is recovering his health and we can hardly wait to see him again. Always good times when he is present at VCON!”

And how came The Graeme to chair next year’s con? He tells the tale after the jump….

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Pinch Hitters of Honor

Context: Carol A. Modesitt is yet another person who fell seriously ill at Renovation. As a result, her husband L.E. Modesitt has withdrawn as one of Context 24’s Guest of Honor.  The convention is happening this weekend (August 26-28) in Columbus.

The committee turned to their fellow Ohioan, John Scalzi, who agreed at the last minute to come and “help fill the sudden gap in their programming.” Scalzi can’t attend the entire convention but will do a full block of programming on Saturday, August 27 from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

I thought that was pretty cool.

VCON: Larry Niven deserves kudos, too, for helping out  VCON 36 (September 30-October 2) on short notice.

Gregory Benford, initially announced the con’s Author GoH, will be unable to attend VCON this year “due to an unavoidable summons from DARPA” (the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). He must attend its meeting on September 30.

Now Benford will be among next year’s guests at VCON 37 while Niven has stepped in as VCON 36’s Author Guest of Honour.

The committee also announced that program participant Robert J. Sawyer will miss the con because he, too, was “swept up by DARPA.” The committee called it, “A signal honour for a Canadian Author.”

VCON 35 Is Steaming Your Way

“Steampunk – From Alchemy to Zeppelins” will be the theme of VCON 35, October 1-3, 2010. The con will be in the Vancouver, British Columbia area — they’re still picking a facility.

The Guests of Honour are — Author Cherie Priest (Boneshaker), Artist James Beveridge (On Spec Magazine), and Musician Heather Dale.

Memberships are C$45 to July 1, C$50 to September 1, C$60 to October 1 (at the door).

Dealers’ rates: $50 per table. Artshow panel spaces (4×4-foot) $15 each, table spaces (6×3-foot) $20 each ($10 per half-table).