2013 Nova Awards

The Nova Awards celebrate achievement in British and Irish science fiction fanzines. The 2013 winners were announced this weekend at Novacon 43 in Nottingham, UK.

Best Fanzine
Banana Wings

Best Fanwriter
Mike Meara

Best Fan Artist
D. West

This is Meara’s first win.

Banana Wings has won 8 Nova Awards, its first in 1996.

D. West has won 11 Nova Awards going back to 1984 – including one as Best Fanwriter.

2012 FAAn Award Winners

The winners of the 2012 FAAn Awards were announced April 22 at Corflu Glitter. Here are the results posted by Geri Sullivan.

Best Website: eFanzines.com, hosted by Bill Burns

Harry Warner Jr. Memorial Award Best Letterhack; Robert Lichtman

Best Perzine: A Meara for Observers, ed. Mike Meara

Best Single Issue or Anthology: Alternative Pants,ed. Randy Byers

Best Fan Artist: Steve Stiles

Best Fan Writer: Mark Plummer

Best Genzine or Collaboration: Banana Wings, eds. Mark Plummer and Claire Brialey

#1 Fan Face: Mark Plummer

2009 Nova Awards: Full Results

Steve Green has distributed the full voting statistics for the 2009 Nova Awards announced at last weekend’s Novacon in Nottingham, UK. Banana Wings, Claire Brialey and Sue Mason took top honors.

The Nova Awards are for achievement in British sf fanzines as voted by members of the convention able to “demonstrate a basic knowledge of current fanzines.”

Best fanzine:  1, Banana Wings (30 points); 2, Journey Planet (24); 3, Head (20); 4, Prolapse / Relapse (18); 5, Plokta, Quasiquote (11); 7, No Sin But Ignorance (7); 8, The Descent of Fan (6); 9, Lost in Space (3); 10, Ansible, Procrastinations (2), 12, The Banksoniain, Critical Wave (1).
Best fan writer:  1, Claire Brialey (26 points); 2, James Bacon (15); 3, Doug Bell (14); 4, Mark Plummer (11); 5, Dave Langford (9); 6, Christina Lake (8); 7, Sandra Bond, Peter Weston (7); 9, Max (5); 10, Greg Pickersgill (4); 11, John Nielsen Hall (3); 12, John Coxon, Alison Scott, Nicholas Whyte (2); 15, Caroline Mullan, Yvonne Rowse, Alan Sullivan, Ian Williams (1).
Best fan artist:  1, Sue Mason (13 points*); 2, Alison Scott (13*);  3, John Toon (12); 4, Steve Jeffrey (8); 5, Steve Green (7); 6, D West (6); 7, ATom (5); 8, Clarrie O’Callaghan (4); 9, Dave Hicks (3).

[*Although Sue Mason and Alison Scott tied both for points and first-place votes, Sue received more second-place votes.]