LAPD Names Mailroom for Pell

Michael Pell's LAPD in memoriam poster.

Michael Pell’s LAPD in memoriam poster.

The Los Angeles Police Department renamed its Headquarters mailroom for Michael Pell in a ceremony on June 19.

Pell, a LASFS member who passed away unexpectedly on February 6, was employed as a clerk in the LAPD’s Records & Identification for nearly four decades.

His significant other, Joyce Sperling, attended the ceremony. She wrote on Facebook:

He was loved very much by his co-workers and they named the mail room after him. The bronze plaque is on the wall outside the room and the shadow box was created by his coworkers to show some of his interests. The other picture is a poster of Michael. I have a larger version of this that was presented to me and autographed by Chief Beck. I want to thank all of his coworkers for their love and caring of Michael.

Pell plaque CROPLAPD Chief Charlie Beck eulogized Pell in the Chief’s Message for March 2014:

I’d like to express my heartfelt sorrow for the unexpected loss of an unsung hero, Clerk Michael Pell, Serial No. A8825.  After holding clerk positions in the United States Post Office and County USC Hospital, Michael Pell,was hired by the Los Angeles Police Department on November 22, 1974, as an Office Trainee assigned to the Records & Identification Division’s Arrest Disposition Unit at the age of 25.  He was appointed to the position of Clerk two years later and was assigned to the Department’s Mail Room, where he remained working until his passing, on February 6, 2014.
For almost 40 years, Michael ensured that the members of this Department received their mail on time and their packages were delivered.  He was the go-to person to track down previous incarnations of Department entities renamed during various reorganizations.  Michael epitomized personalized service, finding common interests with his customers, swapping news tidbits and anecdotes and sharing his interests in the Jewish religion, collecting law enforcement patches, hockey, and ComicCon events.  His coworkers describe him best, as a “fan of life.”  He truly loved his job and his Records and Identification Division family, as evidenced by many years of perfect attendance, and his refusal to even discuss the possibility of retiring.  It is safe to say that Michael is an LAPD icon, familiar to many, and loved by all.  He will truly be missed.

Pell would write to law enforcement all over the world and ask for uniform patches.

Pell would write to law enforcement all over the world and ask for uniform patches.

[Thanks to Joyce Sperling for her photos.]

Tepper, Levin Marry

Debra Levin and Matthew Tepper wed in a Jewish ceremony at the LASFS clubhouse on June 30 in the presence of about 75 family members and friends.

A canopy lifted on four poles was carried into the main meeting room by members of the wedding party including John DeChancie and David Gerrold.  The canopy was blue fabric with an elaborate yellow design.

The principals came forward in procession, Rabbi Marcia Minsky, who presided over the ceremony, Tepper in a top hat and black tuxedo, and Levin wearing a white wedding gown beautifully trimmed in lace.

Minsky was assisted by Mark Poliner. Tom Safer cued the music. Other participants included Joyce Sperling, Eylat Poliner, Charles Lee Jackson II and Jerry Pournelle, plus several more whose names I didn’t know.

At the appropriate point in the ceremony, various people had the honor of reading one of the seven blessings, in Hebrew if they were able, otherwise in English translation. Jerry Pournelle recited the third blessing in English: “Blessed are You, LORD, our God, sovereign of the universe, who creates man.” Barry and Lee Gold did a glorious job reading the lengthy seventh blessing, first in Hebrew, and then in translation.

Matthew waved off the applause that began when people thought the service had ended, because he still needed to stamp on the glass – then the couple was introduced and applause resumed.

LASFS officers figured prominently in the service. The groom is club president, while his bride is vice-president-elect. Marcia Minsky and Eylat Poliner, are co-vice-presidents, and Charles Lee Jackson II is a Special Advisor.

It was a great occasion, and a chance to greet some old friends including Elst and Carole Weinstein, Regina Renante, Marty Cantor, and quite a few of those named above.