Final 2015 TAFF Voting Detail

Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund co-administrators Jim Mowatt and Curt Phillips have published the final voting statistics (one vote different that reported here earlier) plus the traditional geographic breakdown in TAFFworld #3. The newsletter also lists all the voters.

Voting Europe NA Other Total
Nina Horvath 30 14 2 46
Wolf von Witting 12 22 1 35
Hold Over Funds 0 1 0 1
No Preference 11 6 1 18
Totals 53 43 4 100

Nina Horvath Wins TAFF

The 2015 Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund winner is Nina Horvath of Austria. She outpolled Wolf von Witting in a tight race. According to TAFF co-administrator Jim Mowatt:

One featured more strongly in Europe and the other was the  North American favourite. Both easily passed the twenty per cent test and both were impeccably behaved throughout.

The final count was so incredibly close that I had absolutely no idea who was going to win until the last few votes were counted….

Many commiserations go to Wolf von Witting. He came within a gnat’s whisker of victory. I do hope he runs again and I wish him all the best in a future race.

2015 TAFF Voting Deadline Imminent

The deadline to vote on the winner of the 2015 Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund is Tuesday, April 7 at Midnight EDT. (Click here for complete details.)

This year TAFF will select either Nina Horvath or Wolf Von Witting, two European fans, as a delegate to Sasquan, the World Science Fiction Convention in Spokane. Which one will it be?  You will decide that with your vote and your contribution.

In the UK and Europe send your votes to Jim Mowatt, the European administrator in Cambridge, and in North America and other parts of the planet, please send your votes and contributions to Curt Phillips in Abingdon, Virginia. It only takes a few moments and a few dollars to vote (though more is certainly appreciated…) Please consider joining one of Fandom’s oldest and most noble traditions and SUPPORT TAFF!

Vote by e-mailing your pick of these choices:  Nina Horvath, Wolf Von Witting, Hold Over Funds, or No Preference. And you can send in your TAFF donations either by PayPal or by sending a check or cash in the mail.

For full details on TAFF including downloadable ballot, the candidates platforms, and the addresses of both administrators, please visit David Langford’s wonderful TAFF website.

Curt Phillips says, “Thank you very much for supporting TAFF. My TAFF trip in 2014 was one of the highlights of my life. Let’s keep the tradition going by giving another fan the chance for world travel as the 2015 TAFF delegate!”

  • Curt Phillips – US Administrator: 19310 Pleasant View Drive, Abingdon, VA  24211. Paypal address: Absarka_prime (at)
  • Jim Mowatt – UK Administrator: 273 The Rowans, Milton, Cambridge, CB24 6ZA. Paypal address: jim (at)


2015 Deutscher Science Fiction Preis Shortlist

The nominees for the 2015 Deutscher Science Fiction Preis have been announced.

Best German-language Short Story

  • Der Klang der Posaunen by Arno Behrend, from Schuldig in 16 Fällen
  • Terradeforming by Arno Behrend, from Schuldig in 16 Fällen
  • Revenge by Diane Dirt, from Bullet, edited by Sven Klöpping
  • Der Mechaniker by Thorsten Küper, from Bullet, edited by Sven Klöpping
  • Extremophile Morphologie by Jakob Schmidt, from Tiefraumphasen, edited by André Skora, Armin Rößler and Frank Hebben, (Begedia Verlag)
  • Knox by Eva Strasser, from Tiefraumphasen, edited by André Skora, Armin Rößler and Frank Hebben, (Begedia Verlag)

Best German-language Novel

  • Das Kosmotop by Andreas Brandhorst, (Heyne Verlag)
  • Feldeváye: Roman der letzten Künste by Dietmar Dath, (Suhrkamp Taschenbuch)
  • Drohnenland by Tom Hillenbrand, (KiWi-Taschenbuch)
  • MUC by Anna Mocikat, (Knaur Taschenbuch)
  • Alpha & Omega: Apokalypse für Anfänger by Markus Orths, (Schöffling)
  • Kernschatten by Nils Westerboer, (Leander Wissenschaft)

Deutscher Science Fiction preis DSFP-Medaille-logo-300x278The juried award for the best short story and best novel written in German language is sponsored by the SFCD, Germany´s largest science-fiction club. Each winner will receive €1000. The awards ceremony will take place at WetzKon in July.

Nina Horvath provides unofficial traslations of the titles in her coverage at Europa SF.

2015 TAFF Voting Begins

Nina Horvath of Austria, or Wolf Von Witting of most everywhere else in Europe (born in Finland, worked in Sweden for 25 years, and now lives in Italy)? It’s time for you to decide which one the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund will send to the 2015 Worldcon in Spokane.

Horvath’s nominators are David Hartwell, David Lally, Gloria McMillan, Mihaela Marija Perkovi?, and Cristian Tamas.

Von Witting’s seconds are Arnie Katz, Ronald M Hahn, John-Henri Holmberg, Lloyd Penney, Chris O’ Shea.

The text of the ballot is here.

Instructions for voting via PayPal are here.

Votes in this race must reach the administrators by 23:59 on Tuesday, April 7, 2015 (British Summer Time aka UTC+1).

Nina Horvath To Be TAFF Candidate

Nina Horvath of Vienna will be in the next Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund race. TAFF co-administrator Jim Mowatt made the announcement on Facebook.

She is the second person to join the field, Wolf von Witting having declared in September.

Horvath is a frequent contributor to Europa SF, the English-language European sf news site. Her mother tongue is German. She has over two dozen published short stories, and Horvath’s“Die Duftorgel” won the 2012 Deutscher Phantastik Preis for the best fantastic short story.

She also has edited several short story collections: Metamorphosen – Auf den Spuren H.P. Lovecrafts, Darwins Schildkröte, and Die Schattenuhr which won the 2012 Vincent Preis for the best horror anthology.

(Isn’t “Vincent Preis” the perfect name for a horror genre award? Jack Harness’ name for fannish bilingual puns was “Berlitzkrieg.”)