Steampunk Land Ship

Jason Allemann custom-built this post-apocalyptic steampunk trading ship entirely out of LEGO components.

Instructions for building the walking frame are here.

Allemann was inspired by Theo Jansen’s full-sized kinetic sculpture, the Strandbeest.

Details of the trading ship’s crew and cargo.

He’s President of Legoland, Too

Obama inauguration in Legos

Starting today, visitors to Legoland California can witness the inauguration of Barack Obama depicted in Lego bricks. Hundreds of Legoland mini-figures, including President Bush, two ex-Presidents, and other celebrities, are also part of the ceremony on the Capitol steps. 

Legoland’s local NBC affiliate has a fun article on its site listing some of the mini-celebrities in attendance:

Among the four-inch-tall mini Lego guests: President George Bush, Oprah, Aretha Franklin, California Senator Dianne Feinstein. More than 1000 mini-figures created out of thousands of Lego bricks were used to create the one-of-a-kind scene.

They appreciated the attention to detail, too:

…The builders even thought of the porta-potty area where the public waits in line.

And there’s a CNN video interview with the designer.

The UK’s Dail Mail has a very good article and another bunch of good close-ups.

Legoland model builder Kristi Klein helped with the exhibit. She has a blog.

Legoland Miniland trivia:

The real U.S. Capitol is 288 feet tall.
The Capitol in Miniland U.S.A. is seven feet tall.