40 Years?

By Michael Bracken: Forty years of File 770? Who knew back in the beginning that it could last so long?

I was there, early on, swapping my fanzine (Knights of the Paper Space Ship [later, just Knights]) for yours, but I mostly disappeared from SF (in general) and fandom (specifically) for a great many years. I rediscovered File 770 a few years ago and pop onto the site every so often to see what’s happening.

Much like other fans of my generation, I went pro, but mostly in other genres. I’ve edited a few anthologies, have had a handful of novels and collections published, and have had a shit-ton of short stories published, too. I even picked up a lifetime achievement award for writing short mystery fiction.

But SF? Not so much. Other than reading File 770 now and again and attending a regional SF con nearly every year, I’ve not much contact with the genre where I had my start.

But I do remember those heady days of my teens and early twenties when I was typing stencils, cranking a mimeograph, collating and mailing fanzines, and connecting with writers and artists and fans all over the world. Without the encouragement of and interaction with so many creative people, I might never have realized that my dreams could come true.

Congratulations on reaching 40 years with File 770!