Alicia Johnson Passes Away

Alicia and Robin Johnson

Alicia and Robin Johnson at Anticipation (2009). Photo by Rich Lynch.

Robin Johnson has lost his wife of over 20 years:

Alicia died in her sleep yesterday in the palliative care Whittle Ward here in Hobart. The cancer that must have been spreading for some time, unknown to everyone because she had no pain, was only diagnosed at the end of last year, My sister Sara, herself a survivor of a much more painful version, came from England to stay last month and has been a tower of strength. We also had a lot of help from carers and helpers provided at no cost by the Health department. Ten days ago her condition had deteriorated to the point where she needed to be in hospital, and she was carefully carried downstairs from her own bedroom and taken by ambulance to the hospital, where she had a lovely room with a balcony, terrific care, and was able to be visited by family and friends (and dog!). She had started feeling pain, and had all the medication she needed for that, which made her rather sleepy. She was lucid and connected most of Thursday, (we discussed the merits of a Sherlock Holmes production on television), but only had brief lucid intervals after that. She was sleeping when I left to go home on Sunday evening, and never awoke.

There will be a funeral service at the Wellington Chapel, Cornelian Bay, at 2:00pm on Thursday March 15th. Friends and family are welcome afterwards at 102 Salamanca Place.

Alicia Johnson Enters Palliative Care

Robin Johnson has shared with fans the sad news that Alicia, his wife of over 20 years, has untreatable cancer and now is in palliative care near their home in Hobart, Tasmania:

Alicia is currently in the Whittle palliative care ward while they sort out her pain management.  It is an excellent place, and within walking distance of home.

I am setting up for her to have a hospital-type bed when she returns home, next to the (luckily) recently-renovated bathroom.  This could be as soon as Monday.

The cancer diagnosis was fairly recent — she was fit enough to go to Canberra in October, after all — as it sneaked up on her without causing any pain until this last week.  It is now widespread and beyond treatment, it has been decided (not least by Alicia herself).

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone concerned.

Fans Okay After Yasi

Jean Weber and Eric Lindsay and their home near Townsville, Queensland on the northeast coast of Australia came through Tropical Cyclone Yasi unscathed reports Robin Johnson who spoke with them by phone.

The storm has left a trail of devastation and damage elsewhere after striking the coast on February 2 (U.S. date) with winds stronger than Hurricane Katrina unleashed on New Orleans. Authorities say the force of the storm is the largest in Australia’s history.

Australia’s ABC News adds that the cyclone, now headed inland, has been downgraded to a category two storm, but many residents remain trapped in their homes as the storm continues on a path of destruction.

Johnson wrote that potential communication problems might make it hard for Jean and Eric to contact people for the next few days.