The Past Through Today

Right now, File is using WordPress’ default design, a sort of Kodacolor blue theme called Kubrick. It may be named after the director of 2001, but you can see it’s not the least bit stfnal. So the look will be changing once I find another theme I really like. There are thousands to choose from. Discovering that I can’t stand to read white text on a black background has made me rule out the most stfnal-looking themes I’ve seen thus far. Plenty of people have learned to code their own: maybe I will sometime. Alan White has done several full-color File 770 logos over the years, and one of them would be a great visual centerpiece.

Today I learned that WordPress can import posts from certain already-existing blogs. I was successful in retrieving everything posted to my old Prehensile blog – say about 11 posts. I used Prehensile to learn a little about blogging. I also used it to archive a few articles I wrote for, especially the ones that depended on the embedded links to such a degree they didn’t translate well to print.  That explains why there are now some articles on the site timestamped earlier than’s launch in January 2008.