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Your host is on the road to New Mexico where he will celebrate his mother’s 91st birthday.

So it’s up to you, Dear Reader, to add your wisdom in the comments, along with the links to what should have been in the Scroll.

(1) THE BIG RED TWENTY. James Davis Nicoll’s latest core list – “Twenty Core Speculative Fiction Works Featuring Gingers (Cosmic or Otherwise) Every True SF Fan Should Have On Their Shelves”. It includes –

(2) BRIANNA WU VS. TRUMPZILLA. Frank Wu has the story —

So, when Brianna decided to run for US Congress, she wanted to have a very serious campaign on the issues.  Fighting for gun control and intelligent tech policy.  Defending our environment and public schools.  Fighting against wage and racial inequality, and against all the unhinged policies of Donald Trump.  I asked her if I could make my own campaign ad to support her.  With giant monsters.  Amazingly, she said yes.  So here it is.

(3) WINTER HAS WENT. That iceman Otzi (read some of this first for a refresher) has them in an uproar.


Born October 5 — Paul Weimer

(5) THE BEYOND. Official trailer.

[Thanks to Carl Slaughter, John King Tarpinian, JJ, Cat Eldridge, and Frank Wu for some of these stories. Title credit goes to File 770 contributing editors of the day JJ and Arifel.]

Is Discovery Unloved?

By Carl Slaughter: Around the web in search of positive reviews of Discovery  –  and still searching

(1) “I couldn’t believe how one dimensional the Discovery characters were.  This Burnham chic has two gears.  Intense, brooding, semi constipated, judgmental angry mode.  Also, the actress is really unsuited for this role.  I don’t like her performance at all.  There’s no comradery between the characters.  Nothing relatable about them.  No relationships to become invested in.  The show is written so poorly, the actors just rattle off dialog in a fast paced manner.  Let’s just get through the scenes and get them over and done with.  Nobody speaks like this in the real world.  It’s not believable.  It’s also one dimensional, wooden, and forced.  They’re like robots.  There’s nothing hopeful, thought provoking, optimistic, or intelligent about this plot.  We’ve seen all of this kind of stuff before.  It’s just a series of action scenes and haphazardly written exposition dialog that just feels rushed.  The whole affair feels joyless.”

(2) We can’t see the bridge, why do we have to have Spock’s father in every series, the Klingons have their facial expressions, the only interesting character dies in the pilot, etc.

(3) Deus Ex Machino says Discovery’s main character gets off to a very bad start.

(4) Discovery and diversity

Remembering Shirley Maiewski

By Carl Slaughter: Shirley Maiewski (1920-2004) was known as “Grandma Trek.”

She served as chairman of the Star Trek Welcome Committee, acting as a liaison between the corporate world and the fan community.  She kept the franchise flame alive between cancellation of the show and the start of the movie series.

Maiewski also wrote one of the most popular fan fic stories, “Mindsifter.”  It appeared in Bantam’s Star Trek: The New Voyages (1976), edited by Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath, the second of the Star Trek anthologies commissioned by Frederik Pohl.

She didn’t write any more fan fiction for 2 reasons:  1) “Mindsifter” was revised without her knowledge or permission.  2) Reviewers deconstructed it.  She was so upset with Bantam, she called for a boycott.  Because of her status in the fan community, Bantam’s source of fan fic manuscripts dried up.

After 40 years, “Mindsifter” finally got a screen adaptation. It wasn’t New Voyages best episode and the print version is much better.

  • Star Trek:  New Voyages:

  • Director’s commentary:

Star Trek Roundup

Curated by Carl Slaughter: (1) Star Trek: Specter.  Slow burn Star Trek mystery animated movie with lots of physics and a very personal angle.

(2) Star Trek:  Retribution.  Romulan-Human brink-of-war Star Trek animated movie.  A sequel to Star Trek: Specter.

(3) Two “First Contact” documentaries

(4) Insurrection deleted scene

(5) Star Trek – The Motion Picture – theatrical vs. director’s cut part 2

(6) Star Trek VI – The Undiscovered Country – theatrical version vs. Director’s cut

(7) Star Trek proposals that never made it to the screen

Up to the Minute

Curated by Carl Slaughter: From fans and reviewers, the latest about the latest.

(1) Unlike the other Star Trek movies, which are pretty much self-contained stories, J.J. Abrams’ offering paid true homage to the franchise, if often with Easter eggs.

(2) Discusses role of Klingons in Discovery and the role of religion in Star Trek.

(3) Just as Doctor Who fans are gang piling on Moffat now that he has left the show, Game of Thrones fans are gang piling on Dan and Dave, the show’s producers, now that the show is headed toward its last season.

(4) “The Battle of the Bastards” is considered one of the great achievements of the Game of Thrones television series.  According to this video, all is not what it seems in this legendary episode.

Did You Miss Me?

Curated by Carl Slaughter: In case you missed these rather obscure television series. (And afterwards, check out our popular post on Threshold.)

(1) Earth:  Final Conflict

(2) Starman

(3) Project S.E.R.A.

(4) Adult Wednesday Addams

(5) Time Cop

(6) Otherworld

(7) Lexx

(8) The Visitor

(9) Space 1999

(10) Time Tunnel (unaired pilot)

(11) Ultraman

(12) Ultraman USA

(13) The Tick

(14) The Silver Surfer

Sci-fi Literary Essay Roundup

Curated by Carl Slaughter: (1) Forbidden Planet  and Shakespeare

(2) Why Buckaroo Banzai is Today’s Most Important Superhero

(3) Why Babylon 5 is awesome

(4) Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and daddy issues

(5) Feminist / gay Trek

(6) Golden Age of Science Fiction Television  –  1987-2009

(7) James Cameron and Ridley Scott gave us Ripley and Conner.  Neither of these characters had super powers, neither had training for the task.  Wonder Woman is a goddess with a magical sword and a magical lasso.  Gal Gadot is a supermodel wearing a skimpy outfit.  The Wonder Woman movie was designed for teenage boys.  Etc, etc, etc.