WFC 2015 To Revise Antiharassment Policy

WFC board member Joseph T. Berlant has announced on the World Fantasy Convention’s public Facebook page plans to adopt a version of last year’s WFC antiharassment policy in response to complaints about the 2015 event’s policy originally posted the other day:

On reflection, and with guidance, we have realized that our sincere attempt to do the right thing in this regard was inadequate. We focused too much on complying with the legal advice of Saratoga authorities and not enough on making certain that our members feel confident in their safety at the Convention. Since last year’s WFC policy was considered satisfactory and is considered to be comprehensive we are adopting it as an addition to the policy developed with the legal advice of the Saratoga authorities. The World Fantasy Board is reviewing the language for comprehensiveness. The corrected policy will be posted here and on our website as soon as that review is completed. We apologize for the misstep and are doing our utmost to make WFC 2015 both an enjoyable event and a safe environment.

[Thanks to Michael J. Walsh for the story.]