Morris Keesan Has Passed Away

Lori Meltzer announced this morning:

Morris Keesan was pronounced dead a few minutes ago. He was 63 years old, died of a brain tumor that was diagnosed on his birthday in January. He will be missed by his wife and son, sister and other family members, and many friends worldwide.

Keesan had been a science fiction fan for decades. His knowledge and analysis will be missed in the comment section here at File 770 – and I’ll also miss his generous emails rescuing me from innumerable copyediting mistakes.

Condolences may be sent to:

[email protected]

Lori Meltzer and Joseph Meltzer
9 Surry Road
Arlington MA 02476-5933

[Thanks to Daniel Dern for the story; Lori Meltzer quoted with permission.]

Morris Keesan at Home

Daniel Dern relayed this announcement from Morris Keesan’s wife Lori Meltzer.

Morris Keesan is home, finally! He is on Hospice, but is doing well. Tired, forgetful, but ready to talk and have visitors.

So come and visit, but call first (781-646-4834) to be sure I am home as I am running errands, shlepping Joseph to his things, etc and won’t be able to let you in!

We are all very tired. This should help.

Please forward this to the appropriate lists and people; I know I have forgotten some. I am still hoping to get to services and Boskone, but please help me get the word out!

Thank you all for your friendship and good thoughts.

–Lori, Morris, Joseph

Morris Keesan Hospitalized

By Daniel Dern: (Forwarded at the request of Morris’s wife Lori Meltzer. I’m omitting her email address, since I didn’t check whether it was OK to include it… if you want to contact her and you don’t already know her address, reply off-list to me, and I’ll forward the message to her — dern (at) pair (dot) com)


Date: Fri, 05 Feb 2016 20:21:06 -0500
From: Lori Meltzer
Subject: Re: Morris

I am very sorry to do this as a blast e-mail, but I don’t know if I can do  anything individually right now. I returned from the hospital this afternoon  with very sad news: Morris is essentially dying. He has a primary brain tumor,
also called a glioblastoma. It is too deep and without defined borders to  operate, and will not respond effectively to radiation and chemo. We will  probably do comfort measures only, but need to actually go through certain
hoops. He is OK, just sad. Joseph and I are as OK as possible, also sad.

All of us know you care and are suprised. Things Morris will want Joseph and me  to do, so you will se us: We will be going to shabbat services. We will  probably be at Boskone at least on Saturday. Joseph will continue to go to school. We are accepting hugs, but don’t be afraid if we start to cry! We are  trying to keep everyting as normal as possible to get through the next few weeks and beyond.

Morris is at the Beth Israel west campus, 6th floor SICU [Boston]. He is accepting visitors and is very conversant. Just be sure to put his glasses on so he can see and hear you!

Pixel Scroll 8/16 Waiting for Our Vote to Come In

When I came home last night my place had no power because a fuse had blown. I waited til this morning to be able to find the fusebox in daylight. Here’s as far as I got with yesterday’s Pixel Scroll, which in Wikipedia parlance is more of a Pixel Stub..

(1) Greg Machlin has finalized the File 770 meetup location at Sasquan.

The Worldcon File770 meetup, Thursday, Aug. 20, at 530 PM, will be at SARANAC PUBLIC HOUSE, 21 West Main Avenue, a very short (2 block) walk from the Convention Center.

They have food, drink, vegan and vegetarian food, and affordable prices:

SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES FOR FUN with that prior sentence, people. DO NOT DISAPPOINT.

They know to expect at least 25, and not to expect us all at once. There’s a bar, so milling is a definite possibility.

Morris Keesan made an interesting discovery:

… and on the Google map, it appears to be next door to the Justice League.

Saranac map CROP

(2) Courtesy of Geekcrafts, socks to wear on your next Trek.

Linda Jo Park, of BeadKnitter Patterns, has created some out-of-this-world socks in honor of Captain Picard from Star Trek. You can find her pattern here.

She also suggests that the pattern could be easily adapted to reference other characters:

There’s no reason why a person couldn’t do them in Captain Kirk gold, Spock blue (you get two choices there), or even Deanna Trois lavender. Or perhaps you’d rather have Gorn green.

(3) Footage of Mark Twain shot by Thomas Edison in 1909, from Mental Floss.

Edison and Twain were close friends. In 1909, Edison visited Twain’s estate in Redding, CT and filmed the famous author. The silent footage is the only known recording of Twain in existence. It first appeared in a 1909 production of Twain’s “The Prince and Pauper,” and it shows Twain wearing his trademark white suit, puffing a cigar. Twain would die one year later.

(4) Sarah A. Hoyt is warming up for Sad Puppies 4 in “It’s All About the Bling”.

When we set out on this, back in the dim days of our first discussions of Sad Puppies (I object, of course.  I have cats) the goal was to make the Hugo worth something again.  Granted, we can’t cater for everyone’s taste.  If you’re a heavy mil-sf guy and the prize goes to hard sci fi it won’t be to your taste.  BUT to cater to the “literary” crowd is to cater to the tiniest fandom in SF.  (I found this out in sincere arguments with agents while looking for one between my third and fourth.  They all wanted me to write literary sf — because I CAN do it — because it would win awards and increase THEIR prestige (and make me slit my wrists in a warm bath if I had to write much more of it.  It was no fun.) But they all candidly informed me that it sold almost nothing and so I should try to get a job teaching or write for literary journals or something.  Why do you think they kept telling us that Ancillary Justice as a “fun space opera” — because no one buys “literary”.  Or yeah, some people do, but not enough to keep you in writer kibble.

Our idea, goofy as it sounds was to get some good books/good names associated with the Hugo, so Hugo would mean a boost in print run again.

[Thanks to Will R., Michael J. Walsh and John King Tarpinian for some of these stories. Title credit goes to File 770 contributing editor of yesterday Will R.]

Verse and Re-Verse

Morris Keesan answered John Hertz’s recent metrical sally Verse and Verse with three haiku of his own. He sent them to John in a postcard, knowing better than to count on John seeing them online. However, the two poets have agreed File 770 readers should not be deprived…

Morris Keesan:

The creatures I meet
Have seven feet in one line,
Five in the others.

Meet them in a line
Exchange seven feet for five.
A net loss of two?

Do they profit, thus?
Is it how many they have,
Or how they use them?

John Hertz:

Seven-foot creatures
With five on each side to help
Exchange beauty, truth.