Pulp Lives On

Forces of Geek has posted an interview with Will Murray, a leading scholar of pulp fiction and the literary executor for the estate of Doc Savage creator Lester Dent:

Pulp is always relevant because solid, contemporary escapist reading is always relevant. Pulp may have migrated to TV and video games, among other frontiers unknown to dime novelists, but it always sings to us in its frenetic cracked-voiced splendor.

Murray has a lot of irons in the fire. I was especially interested in the news that DAW will release Darrell Schweitzer’s Cthulhu’s Reign anthology in April, with Murray’s “What Brings the Void.”

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the link.]

Stephen Marlowe (1928-2008)

Novelist Stephen Marlowe (a.k.a. Milton Lesser), best known for a series of books featuring private detective Chester Drum, died Friday after a long illness at the age of 79. The AP story (forwarded by Andrew Porter) reports that Marlowe began his career as a writer of pulp and science fiction and wrote more than 50 novels. His series featuring Chester Drum began with “The Second Longest Night” in 1955 and concluded with “Drumbeat Marianne” in 1968.