2018 Darrell Awards

The winners of the Darrell Awards for 2018 were announced at Midsouthcon in Memphis on March 10.

The annual Darrell Awards support Midsouth Literacy by recognizing the best published Science Fiction, Fantasy and/or Horror in Short Story, Novella, Novel, Young Adult & Other Media formats.

Best Midsouth Novel

  • Winner – Land of Wolves by T. J. Turner
  • First Runner-Up – Wild Hunt by Nick Rowan
  • Finalist – Seek and Destroy by William C. Dietz

Best Midsouth Novella

  • Winner – A Night at the Quay by William A. Webb (as seen in Sharp Steel and High Adventure: Volume 3)
  • First Runner-Up – Luminaria by John Horner Jacob (as seen in Apex Magazine # 94)

Best Midsouth Young Adult Work

  • Winner – Coney Island Book of the Dead by Sheila Martin

Best Midsouth Short Story

  • Winner – From Hair to Eternity by Phyllis Appleby (as seen in Malice in Memphis: Elmwood Stories)
  • First Runner-Up – Black Like Them by Troy L. Wiggins (as seen in Fireside Magazine)
  • Finalist – A Very Worthy Human Being by Richard Powell (as seen in Malice in Memphis: Elmwood Stories)

The related Dal Coger Memorial Hall of Fame Award is given to an author who has made exceptional contributions to Midsouth Literacy by having published a substantial body of work that is or would have been eligible for the Darrell Award.

Dal Coger Memorial Hall of Fame Award

  • Robin Burks, for her extraordinary contributions to Midsouth literacy, more specifically her trilogy (Zeus, Inc; The Curse of Hekate; and The Return of the Titans)