Scott Norton Passes Away

Scott Norton (top right) at the 1980 Westercon. Photo by Dik Daniels.

Scott Norton (top right) at the 1980 Westercon. Photo by Dik Daniels.

San Diego fan Scott Norton passed away at home on January 1.

His expertise in several fannish specialties was well regarded. He was often assigned to moderate panel programming. He was a masquerade judge at the 2002 Westercon. As a role playing gamer he was respected for backgrounding his characters – even writing an original song for one that was a bard.

He participated in several of San Diego fandom’s large group masquerade entries in the 1980s, as Dworkin in the Royal Family of Amber at Westercon in 1980, Sun-Toucher in the Elfquest group at the San Diego Comic-Con of 1981, and the High Priest in the Egyptian Gods group at Denvention 2 in 1981.

In the 1980s he was contact person for the S.T.A.R./San Diego club and the Cair Paravel branch of the Mythopoeic Society.

In more recent years he was a director of San Diego Science Ficion Conventions, Inc.

Fandom Gatherings Resuming at Darrel’s!

Darrel Exline wants the world to know that, after a long hiatus of Real-Life-Interruptus, he’s ready to resume hosting the San Diego Fandom Gatherings at his house.

“The purpose for the Fandom Gatherings (besides having a reason to clean my house) is to help knit San Diego fandom together. People of all fandoms are welcome to attend and discuss their interests with others. Event organizers are welcome to bring materials and perhaps recruit volunteers at the Fandom Gathering as well.”

The next Fandom Gathering is scheduled for Saturday, July 12. Details are online at