Buy SFC on eBay

Andrew Porter reports his brother Stephen is selling a complete set of Science Fiction Chronicle on eBay. The description reads:

200 plus issues of Hugo winning SCIENCE FICTION CHRONICLE, SF/ fantasy news magazine published from 1979 to 2000 by Andrew Porter (issues published after 2000 not included). Contains thousands of book reviews, photos. Interviews. Material by leading authors including Jack Williamson, Orson Scott Card, Terry Carr, Gene Wolfe, Frederik Pohl, Brian Aldiss, Robert Silverberg, Jack Chalker, Donald Wollheim, Marvin Kaye, Phyllis Eisenstein, original and only appearance of Ray Bradbury speech. Reports on hundreds of conventions through the decades. Letters from authors, editors, publishers, artists. Obituaries of leading authors, of example, April-May 92: Philip K. Dick death. Adverts from major and minor publishers. Listings for thousands of forthcoming books. Full color covers by leading artists Emshwiller, Freas, Gaughan, Di Fate, Hunter, Mattingly, Walotsky, Maitz, Lundgren, many many others. Hundreds of hours of reading. A complete chronicle of the decades with content never reprinted or available anywhere else!

At this writing he’s still looking for an opening bid. The auction has a week to run. Bid early, bid often!

Grumbles from the Graveur

Jeff VanderMeer’s “Science Fiction Chronicle” column was launched in America’s leading paper a few weeks ago. His reviews have been popular, but the choice of title has taken Andrew Porter by surprise.

“I am just back from my extended month-long trip to Australia for the Worldcon,” writes Porter, “and coming back to find that Jeff Vandermeer, who I have never met nor e-mailed, has a column under the SFC name in The New York Times
“You’d think that someone would have chosen a less confusing name. There is no legal way I can prevent the name being used; I wonder if the Times knows its previous use.”

Porter founded Science Fiction Chronicle in 1979 and won two Best Semiprozine Hugos as its editor. He sold SFC to DNA Publications in 2000 and the zine died when that company collapsed in 2007. SFC also had an online presence but the original registration apparently lapsed because there’s now only a placeholder page at that URL.