2018 UK Games Expo Awards

The winners of the 2018 UK Games Expo Awards were announced June 5.

Eligible games generally must have been published in the 12 months before UKGE.

The winner in each category was determined by a combined system of a public vote and the opinion of a panel of judges. First, all games were rated by a panel of judges chosen by UK Games Expo. The short lists were selected according to the judge’s ratings. One of these 3 games was chosen by the Judges as the Judges’ Award winner.

All games in the shortlist were then eligible for a public vote to choose the Peoples Choice Award winner.

The 12th annual UK Games Expo (UKGE) ran June 1-3 in Birmingham, UK.

Best Children’s Game

  • Judges Award: Brain Box People at Work – The Green Board Game Company
  • People’s Choice: Rhino Hero – Super Battle – The Habermaass Gmbh (HABA)

Best Family Game

  • Judges Award: Untold: Adventures Await – Hub Games
  • People’s Choice: Untold: Adventures Await – Hub Games

Best Party Game

  • Judges Award: When I Dream – Repos
  • People’s Choice: When I Dream – Repos

Best Board Game (European Style)

  • Judges Award: Great Western Trail – Stronghold
  • People’s Choice: Photosynthesis – Blue Orange

Best Card Game or Dice Game

  • Judges Award: Pikoko – Brain Games
  • People’s Choice: Legend of the Five Rings – Fantasy Flight Games

Best Miniatures Range

  • Judges Award: Warhammer 40,000: Dark Imperium – Games Workshop
  • People’s Choice: Warhammer 40,000: Dark Imperium – Games Workshop

Best Miniatures Rules

  • Judges Award: Gaslands – Osprey Game
  • People’s Choice: Gaslands – Osprey Game

Best Abstract Game

  • Judges Award: Thieves – Merlin Games
  • People’s Choice: Thieves – Merlin Games

Best Expansion

  • Judges Award: QueenDomino – Blue Orange Games
  • People’s Choice: Cities of Splendor – Space Cowboys

Best Accessory

  • Judges Award: DMB Games Resin Dungeon Tile Core Set
  • People’s Choice: Big Book of Battle Mats – Loke Battle Mats

Best Board Game (American Style)

  • Judges Award: Rising Sun – CMON
  • People’s Choice: Rising Sun – CMON

Best Role-Playing Adventure

  • Judges Award: Two Headed Serpent – Chaosium Inc.
  • People’s Choice: The Cthulhu Hack: Three Faces of the Wendigo – All Rolled Up

Best Role-Playing Expansion

  • Judges Award: Down Darker Train – Chaosium In.
  • People’s Choice: Leagues of Cthulhu – Triple Ace Games

Best Role-Playing Game

  • Judges Award: Adventures in an Age Undreamed of – Modiphius Entertainment Ltd.
  • People’s Choice: SINS – The Roleplaying Game – First Falling Leaf Limited

Best Board Game (Strategic Style)

  • Judges Award: Civilisation – Gibsons
  • People’s Choice: Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire – Games Workshop