Amazing Stories Classic Reprints Announced

The Amazing Stories trademark has been licensed to FuturesPastEditions Ebooks Publisher for use with a new imprint. Amazing Stories Classic Reprints will publish sf, fantasy and horror works drawn from Amazing Stories and its companion magazines Amazing Stories Quarterly and Amazing Stories Annual.

There are immediate plans for two anthology volumes of past Amazing Stories anniversary issues.

Jean Marie Stine, FuturesPastEditions publisher and editor, said, “Amazing Stories has a long and storied history. It was the first science fiction magazine. Its pages were open to women writers from the beginning. It introduced Buck Rogers to the world. It published the first stories by Jack Williamson, Isaac Asimov, Walter M. Miller, Jr, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Howard Fast, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Roger Zelazny. Over the years it has published virtually every major writer in the field.”

The new imprint will feature Amazing’s comet tail logo from 1940s and 50s. Works will be published in both electronic and print formats.

[From the press release.]