Pasadena Writing Seminar

The e-mail with the link wasn’t sent to me, so I really can’t complain that the website’s pitch isn’t aimed at me either. But here’s how organizers of a local writing seminar are trying to convince people that their event is worth its big price tag:  

If you wanted to become a great actor, would you be willing to pay $1,199 to learn from John Travolta, Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Jodi Foster and Tom Cruise telling you the ins and outs of the acting business for three full days? Of course you would…

If I wanted to become a great actor? Oh my.

But before I ever saw that line I’d already decided to visit the Superstars Writing Seminar website because the presenters named in the e-mail are Kevin J. Anderson, Brandon Sanderson, David Farland, Rebecca Moesta, Eric Flint, whose reputations as knowledgeable professional writers precede them. Or as the leading lady told Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire, “You had me at ‘Hello’.” Eric Flint was at ConDor a couple years ago and he is a very informative speaker.

The tuition is steep, although those who sign up before January 31 get in for $699. If anybody goes, I’d be interested in reading about their experience.

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the link.]