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Wombat and RedShift

jan howard finder

Lin Daniel is holding a jan howard finder Memorial and Irish Wake, aka WombatCon, on June 1 in Albany, New York.

This deserved a post of its own post to amplify Lin’s announcement in the comments section of Wombat’s obituary.

WombatCon will he held at the Holiday Inn Wolf Road, 205 Wolf Road, Albany, NY 12205 – telephone (518) 533-1720. There is a special room rate of $99 for Friday and/or Saturday night. Use the code Wombatcon for the reduced rate.

Lin – “jan’s ‘Otter Half’” – adds:

Please come. I would love to see you, to meet you for the first time, or meet you in person. If you cannot attend, but wish to share your memories of jan, please reply to this email. I’ll be posting material to jan’s blog.

Lin is still writing new material for The Real Wombat, such as —

Archeology At Jan’s House just turned up… *drum*roll*please* jan’s grade school report cards. With things like “needs improvement in self control” and under “promptness” the note “stalls”. All I can say is the man was consistent.  

[Thanks to Lin Daniels, Steven H Silver and Andrew Porter for the story.]