The Heinlein Journal Wins Design Award

The recent redesign of The Heinlein Journal was chosen as one of 6 winners in the Editorial category of Communication Arts’ 62nd annual design competition, the most-coveted award in the industry. The Journal is published by The Heinlein Society.

Communication Arts said about The Heinlein Journal:

Since 1997, The Heinlein Journal has been the leading source of scholarship on science fiction grandmaster Robert A. Heinlein and his works. This redesign matches the quality of the publication with the stature of its authors and their scholarship.

Managing Editor and Designer Mark Bult explained the changes he’s made to readers of The Heinlein Society blog:

We’ve enlivened the publication with a new masthead and typography, plus more photos and new, custom illustrations for each major paper accepted. I very much enjoy creating the illustrations for each issue — it’s a design muscle I don’t get to exercise very often.

Bult and Herb Gilliland, Editor-in-Chief are both to be congratulated on receiving this honor.