Fanwriting Before the Internet

The other day I wrote how happy I was to find a collection of John Bangsund’s fanwriting, and moaned over the superb fan writers who thrived in the age of the mimeograph that have none of their articles online.

I’ve realized since then I oversold the tragic fate of these great fans of the past. They didn’t write blogs, and for the most part their material is unavailable in searchable HTML form, so their work has a low profile. However, a lot of fanzines have been scanned in and posted online. All that needs to be done is to give people a reason to want to read them. The PDF versions may lack the scent and feel of disintegrating Twiltone paper, but is that a bad thing?

Quite a few of Wilson “Bob” Tucker’s fanzines can be accessed. For example, 46 of the 67 paper issues of Le Zombie, and the five issues of e-Zombie are at the Midamericon site. And there are even more on

The Classic Fanzines site has many zines by top fanwriters of the past. The Walt Willis, Chuck Harris, et al, issues of the immortal Hyphen are there, as well as Lee Hoffman’s Quandry, and Terry Carr and Ron Ellik’s BNF of IZ.

Also, an entire area within the site is devoted to The Enchanted Duplicator by Walt Willis and Bob Shaw. The introductory page includes Willis’ revelation that the portions specifically written by Bob Shaw are most of Chapters 5 and 6, part of Chapter 7, and the first paragraph of Chapter 17.

Update 8/1/2008: Removed Bangsund ASFR link, which only leads to a list of issues. 

Wingding Planned for Tucker’s 90th

Wilson Tucker is turning 90 on November 23, 2004 – and you’re invited to come help the Dawn Patrol throw him a party!

The party will actually happen Saturday, November 27, during the weekend of Chambanacon 34. The party will take place in Tucker’s hometown of Bloomington, Illinois, a few miles away from the convention in Springfield. The Dawn Patrol is a far-flung crew of fans who read and contribute to Roger Tener’s, Chronicles of the Dawn Patrol (distributed weekdays by e-mail).

Tucker needs no introduction to readers of But if we give him none, too many great links will be left on the cutting-room floor, so… Wilson “Bob” Tucker is a long-time pillar of fandom, known for his classic fanzines Le Zombie and eZombie. His fan and pro writing have been acclaimed. He won the Best Fan Writer Hugo in 1970, and collected a 2004 Retro Hugo
as Best Fan Writer of 1953. As an sf writer, he created such stories as the Hugo-nominated novel Year of the Quiet Sun (1976).

Anyone interested in attending should email Roger Tener or Keith Stokes ASAP, since the number coming will have a big impact in how much they are going to arrange. The party will be centerpiece of any number of Tucker celebrations that probably will include small group dinners at local restaurants, and a hospitality suite on Saturday evening.