How To Contribute to the Worldcon’s Annual APA

A message from John Purcell:

SUBJECT: Contributing to WOOF #42 – the Worldcon Order of Faneds, the APA (Amateur Press Association) collated annually at the World Science Fiction Convention – at WorldCon 75 in Helsinki, Finland.

Here is an UPDATE on what You Need To Know:

There is a European Official Editor of WOOF #42! Simo Suntila, a fanzine fan for many years, has “volunteered” (at the end of Jukka Halme’s volunteer-prodding stick) to be an OE as well. Since he is a local Finland Fanzine Fan (a Scandinavian N3F, there), that means contributions can be emailed ahead to him at in PDF (preferred) or Word Document attachments and he will then print contributions locally well before the collation occurs. The due date for these WOOFzines is Saturday, 5 August 2017; that gives Simo a week to print them before the collation. A proper Table of Contents will thus be created ahead of time, as well. Gee, this sounds so shudder organized!

Speaking of the WOOF #42 collation, it is tentatively set for Saturday, 12 August 2017, from 1300 to 1500 hours (as it will be listed in the program guide: all times are done in military or international time; otherwise that translates to 1 to 3 PM for those folks who don’t do math) in the Fanzine Lounge at WorldCon 75. España Sheriff is the Fanzine Lounge Coordinator, and I have contacted her to see if we can arrange for refreshments (soft drinks and munchables) to be available for the collating masses.

Copy count of contributions is still set at a limit of 50 copies. [NOTE: If that is not enough, we will try to get the word out as quickly as possible to people who are bringing their WOOFzine to the collation.) I guess North American fans who wish to contribute and will not be attending WorldCon 75 can send their pre-printed WOOFzines to me ahead of time (ask me for my mailing address), but please include a 9″x12″ SASE. Your final collated copy of WOOF #42 will be mailed to non-attending North American contributors upon my return home to keep postage costs down. Naturally, if contributors are attending the convention, they should bring their pre-printed contributions to the collation, and are encouraged to participate in said collation. Not only does the collation go faster, it is much more fun, too. We want to treat this like the RUNE and MINNEAPA collation parties I remember from the late 1970s and early 1980s. If historic trends continue, the total page count of WOOF #42 will be 80-100 pages in length. We might need a bigger stapler.

I am still – silly me – willing to create an e-apa version of this year’s WOOF, and send it off to Bill Burns for eFanzines, another to for archiving, and any other interested parties. Therefore, please send your emailed contributions (as either PDF or Word Document attachments) to Simo Suntila at or me at by 5 August 2017. We will make sure that all submitted contributions get into the APA in one way, shape, or format.

For additional information, here is the link to the article WOOF is the Answer” written by John Hertz for the File 770 website: There is more information there for your edification and entertainment.

As additional information develops, it will be shared on many group pages on Facebook, the FILE 770 website, and also in my fanzines ASKANCE and ASKEW.

WOOF is the Answer

By John Hertz: The torch of WOOF has passed to John Purcell of Texas.  He will be Official Editor of WOOF this year, his second time around; he previously served in 2013.

He is also this year’s TAFF (Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund) delegate.  Although he campaigned using images of Henry Purcell, which Gerard Manley Hopkins taught us to rhyme with reversal, Brother John is from a branch of the family whose name is pronounced “purr-SELL”.

WOOF, the World Order Of Faneditors, is an amateur publishing association (or “amateur press association”) whose contributions are collected, and whose distributions are issued, at and from (but not by or for) the World Science Fiction Convention.

The 2017 Worldcon will be August 9-13 at Helsinki, Finland.  Some Worldcons have nicknames, but this one, the 75th, is just called Worldcon 75.

An apa is an assemblage of amateurs’ publications.  You send copies of yours and get back a distribution containing yours and everybody else’s.

We borrowed the notion of apas from another hobby, amateur journalism.  What seems the first apa was theirs, founded 1876 (NAPA the National Amateur Press Ass’n), still ongoing.  The first in the SF community was FAPA the Fantasy Amateur Press Ass’n, founded 1937, also still ongoing.

Apas come and go on various continents, each apa with its own rules, customs, and jokes.  Most apas have been quarterly or monthly.  I’m in one that’s weekly.  WOOF is yearly.

The central receiver-sender of WOOF is the Official Editor.  The 2017 WOOF distribution will be WOOF 42.

This year’s copy count is 50, i.e. 50 copies required of each contribution.

WOOF is another invention of the late great Bruce Pelz.  As Suford Lewis said, he had a fruitful imagination.  Some say his epitaph, among us anyhow, should be Si monumentum requiris circumspice (Latin, “If you seek his monument, look around you.”

This year the OE must have your contribution by noon (local time) on Saturday, August 12th.  A Table of Contents will be made and collation will follow.

The Fanzine Lounge at this year’s Worldcon will be hosted by España Sheriff.  The OE plans to collate WOOF there.  He hopes to get a WOOF drop-off box placed there after the con opens on Wednesday.

If you do not expect to be present, please make your own arrangements.  Some long-time WOOFers have seldom been able to attend the con at all, instead sending contributions via friends, providing for return envelopes and postage as needed.

Usually WOOF distributions consist of contributions stapled together, and at least some copies of the distribution are sent by real-mail.  Please consider accordingly the media by which and onto which you publish your contribution.

Various apas have tales of fans’ sending strange paper or even slices of bologna.  Some practices are more honored in the breach than in the observance.

What to write about?  Well, cabbages, kings, why the sea is boiling hot (I think it’s the influence of the sun, myself), whether pigs have wings; rum-pots, crack-pots, and how are you, Mr. Wilson?

The OE this year may be able to print some contributions sent him by E-mail; ask him, askance73 [at] gmail [dot] com.  You’ll recognize the title of his fanzine Askance.  You may also write to him at 3744 Marielene Cir., College Station, TX 77845, U.S.A.  Despite the street where he lives, he is not very near Abilene, 260 miles away.  That may seem close if you are Jukka Halme.

College Station is so named on account of a railroad.  The Houston & Texas Central began building there in 1860.  The Agricultural & Mechanical College of Texas opened in 1876 (there’s that year again), first public institution of higher education in the State, since 1963 Texas A&M University.

You may also write to or call me, 236 S. Coronado St., No. 409, Los Angeles, CA 90057, U.S.A., (213)384-6622 (Pacific Daylight Time).

We might sing (with apologies to Betty Comden, Adolph Green & Jule Stein, 1960) WOOF is the answer; some OE for WOOF is the answer: once you’ve found him, build your zine around him; make our OE happy, make just one OE happy, and you will be happy too.

Hooper is Hip, Hops to Help WOOF

By John Hertz: WOOF is the World Organization Of Faneditors, an amateur press association whose publication is collated and distributed annually at the World Science Fiction Convention.

The 2014 Worldcon, Loncon III, was August 14-18. In closing it duly turned over operations to Sasquan, the 2015 Worldcon, August 19-23 at Spokane, Washington, U.S.A.

Sasquan with commendable alacrity — a fine word, even if not very fannish — meaning alacrity, not commendable — has already posted Randy Byers as host of its Fanzine Lounge. This too should be jes’ fine.

Through various exchanges with Byers and Andy Hooper his frequent co-operator I learn, and am authorized to say, that Hooper in his typical acuity has taken the torch and will be the Official Collator for the 2015 WOOF.

WOOF began in 1976. Its sole officer is an Official Collator; but this place has at times been vacant. WOOF has now and then missed Worldcons — whether or not Worldcons have missed WOOF (although 1990s Business Meetings considered a proposal to make WOOF an official publication) — but so far has risen again.

There was alas no WOOF collation at Loncon III, possibly due in part to “Aren’t you doing it?” “I thought you were doing it!” One regular contributor who could not attend sent his WOOFzine via global overnight delivery, followed by messages via telephone, E-mail, electronic text, and courier, in hopes of answering the eternal question What the Foucault is going on? (The contributor is a physicist. Of course I only paraphrase.) That’s fandom, folks.

WOOF is a Bruce Pelz invention. Suford Lewis offered the two best proposed epitaphs for him I’ve heard, Si monumentum requiris, circumspice (“If you seek his monument, look around you”, alluding to Sir Christopher Wren) and He had a fruitful imagination. It may be worth mentioning that from Radio Station WOOF, Hoople, Southern North Dakota, Peter Schickele while ignorant of WOOF the apa so far as I know has broadcast music of the composer he discovered to the world, P.D.Q. Bach. I knew Pelz, and have been associated awhile with this WOOF, but it would take a less trepid fan than I (I am not, however, a tepid fan) to venture whether it, younger than Schickele’s, was named ignorantly of him.

Hertz on WOOF: Purcell Says I May Tell

By John Hertz: John Purcell, host of the Fanzine Lounge at the 2013 Worldcon, has confirmed he will also serve this year as Official Editor of WOOF.

WOOF, the World Organization of Faneditors, is an amateur publishing association whose contributions are collected, and whose distributions are issued, at and from (but not by or for) the World Science Fiction Convention.

An apa is an assemblage of fanzines. Most apas are quarterly or monthly. WOOF is yearly, and in fact I’m in one that’s weekly, both very much the produce of Bruce Pelz, who as Suford Lewis said had a fruitful imagination.

This year’s Worldcon will be LoneStarCon III (or 3 if you were writing this note), 29 Aug – 2 Sep, San Antonio. Did you attend LoneStarCon II? I did, and I remember the Alamo. What was LoneStarCon I, you ask? As Rudyard Kipling said, that’s another story.

This year’s WOOF will (I think) be No. 38. In honor of the 71st Worldcon, submit 71 copies of your contribution. We want plenty to hand round. Must you bring, or send via an agent, physical copies? That helps. Printing on-site can be a logjam. How many pages?  Be reasonable — no, we’re fans.

The English musician’s name, as Gerard Manley Hopkins said, rhymes with “reversal”. Our OE is from an Irish branch that rhymes its last name just like ringing a bell. He’ll be good. Write to him at <>, or get his real-mail address by phoning me at (213)384-6622 (that’s Pacific Time). I hope we’ll have no occasion to call “John 54, where are you?” Maybe I don’t hope it.

Re-Barking About WOOF

The WorldCon Order of FanEds (or WOOF) amateur press association will be happening at ChiCon this year, run out of the Fan Lounge! Fan editors from around the world are encouraged to join up, send along a zine (preferably on 8.5 x 11 paper, but we can deal with whatever!) and get copies of all the wonderful creations. Chris Garcia will be heading the collation into a single package in the Lounge at WorldCon on Saturday evening, so come on by and help with that if nothing else! If you’d like to send zines in from afar, send it to –

Christopher J Garcia,
A Guest of the Hyatt Regency Chicago
151 East Wacker Drive,
Chicago, Illinois, USA 60601

They’ll hold for up to a week, so try to time arrival for no earlier than August 22.

All are welcome and it will be Awesome. Oh yes, it will.

[Thanks to Chris Garcia for the story.]

Hertz: Some Tweet, Some WOOF

By John Hertz: The ever-lovin’ Chris Garcia will host the Fanzine Lounge at Chicon VII (2012 Worldcon). While he’s at it he’ll be Official Editor of WOOF.

WOOF, the World Organization Of Faneditors, is an apa (Amateur Press Ass’n) collated annually – yes – another product of Bruce Pelz’ imagination – at the Worldcon. This year’s will (I think) be WOOF 37. The 2011 OE was Randy Byers. The 2010 OE was Alan Stewart.

Garcia’s own fanzine is The Drink Tank. He’s part of Journey Planet too. He was the 2008 Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund delegate. He gets my IBM 1620 jokes (one of which is really Alan Frisbie’s).

His E-mail address – Lee Gold calls them edresses – is <>. Or call me (213)384-6622 for his real-mail address.

Do you suppose WOOF will have a Selina Phanara cover?

Hertz: Byers’ Blue-Ribbon WOOF

By John Hertz: Only a few days after Renovation, the 2011 Worldcon, WOOF contributors who could not attend had received their copies of WOOF 36 by mail or courier.

WOOF, the World Organization Of Faneditors, was one of Bruce Pelz’ ideas, an amateur press association in which zines are collated annually at the World Science Fiction Convention.

Most s-f apas are collated quarterly, or monthly.  There have been dozens over the years.  FAPA (Fantasy Am. Pr. Ass’n), our first, founded in the mid-1930s, is still ongoing.  So is APA-L (Am. Pr. Ass’n – LASFS, produced at but not by the Los Angeles S-F Society), another Pelz project, founded in the mid-1960s, collated weekly – a shocking frequency before the rise of E-mail, still remarkable; so is WOOF, founded in the mid-1970s.  The chief procedural honcho and Great Panjandrum of an apa is the Official Editor (sometimes by local custom, or deserving, called other things).

Randy Byers was the OE of WOOF for 2011, following Lloyd Penney and Alan Stewart.  WOOF contributions are even less governed by rule than other fan activity.  Byers was bodacious.  In fourscore pages he got a Stu Shiffman cover, photos from Stewart’s 1994 DUFF (Down Under Fan Fund) trip to Winnipeg, David Cake the current DUFF delegate, John Coxon the TAFF (Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund) delegate, Claire Brialey & Mark Plummer, Chris Garcia, Guy Lillian, Penney, regulars Dean Gahlon and Roger Hill, and a host of others.

He modestly said he took up the task because some idealist in a funny hat persuaded him.  This like many modest disclaimers is a half-truth.  He’s willing to wade in the water, and he quotes Chuang Tzu.  His bark is worse than his bytes.

Byers: WOOF Reminder

By Randy Byers: This is just a reminder to anyone who is planning to submit a fanzine to WOOF (the Worldcon APA) this year.

Copy count is 69.

I need to know the title and page count of your zine so I can add it to the ToC.

THIS IS A CHANGE SINCE MY LAST ANNOUNCEMENT: If you are mailing your zines to me rather than delivering them (or having them delivered) to the convention, I need to receive them by Monday, August 15th. I had previously said the deadline was the 16th, but it turns out I’m leaving for Reno before mail arrives on Tuesday.

There will be a drop box in the fanzine lounge for anyone who brings their fanzine to the convention. Please drop them off by noon Friday.

Collation will be at noon on Saturday in the fanzine lounge.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at

Randy Byers
2011 OE for WOOF

Byers: The Lead Dog Speaks

By Randy Byers: The World Organization Of Faneditors (WOOF) will once again distribute an APA at the Worldcon this year, and you are invited to contribute a fanzine to the project. Please feel free to share this announcement far and wide.

Since Renovation is the 69th Worldcon, copy count this year is 69. There will be a drop box in the Fan Lounge for your contribution, or if you can’t make it to the convention and can’t find a courier, you can mail your contribution to Randy Byers at 1013 N 36th St, Seattle WA 98103, USA. If you are mailing your contribution, it must arrive at this address by August 16th.

Collation of the distribution will be in the Fan Lounge at noon on Saturday the 20th. Volunteers to help with the collation are welcome to join in the fun.

If you are planning to contribute a zine, please contact me with the title and page count so I can put them in the Table of Contents. You can e-mail this information to me at, or mail it to the above address.

I’ve already had a number of first-time contributors express interest in participating this year. Whether you’re a first-timer or an old-timer, I hope you’ll take part as well.

[Randy Byers is WOOF’s Official Editor this year.]