New Eric Flint 1632 Magazine

Announced at LibertyCon today: There is a new magazine for Eric Flint’s 1632 Universe that essentially takes the baton from the Grantville Gazette which closed shortly after Eric’s death last year. Issue 1 is scheduled for September 1. More information at 1632 and Beyond.

It’s from a new company, Flint’s Shards Inc. The 1632 & Beyond FAQ says they have a contract with Lucille Robbins, Eric Flint’s widow and heir. They will also coordinate closely with Baen Books to maintain the canon continuity for which the 1632 series is known.

The new magazine will not be exactly like the Grantville Gazette, “but close.” They will publish primarily 1632 stories with some stories in the other Assiti Shards universes (Time Spike and Alexander Inheritance).

The magazine’s leadership includes Editor-in-Chief: Bjorn Hasseler; Editor: Bethanne Kim; Editor: Chuck Thompson; Art Director: Garrett W. Vance; and Board of Directors: Griffin Barber, Iver Cooper, Donald Davis, Bill Fawcett, Chuck Gannon, Bjorn Hasseler, Bethanne Kim, Lucille Robbins, and Chuck Thompson.

There is a new Facebook group about it here. Full information about how to submit stories and other details are in the FAQ.

[Thanks to Chuck Thompson for the story.]