Pixel Scroll 12/22/17 Well, Those Books Kept Coming And They Don’t Stop Coming

(1) ADVANCED CREATURE ACCOUNTING. If there had been a test I would not have passed… Lesson of the Day: Know Your Cephalopods https://t.co/lYT7A8osmW pic.twitter.com/zduDHg7Gvy — Nnedi Okorafor, PhD (@Nnedi) December 2, 2017 (2) LIGHTING UP THE NIGHT SKY. Excitement this … Continue reading

FANAC Fan History Project Update 4

From the press release by Joe Siclari “Keeping You Abreast of the Past” November 20, 2017 Here are some highlights of the last 6 months: Fan History Spotlight: Nearly everyone has heard of the Cosmic Circle and Claude Degler’s notorious … Continue reading

Pixel Scroll 9/19/17 These Are A Few Of My Favorite Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

(1) DARMOK AND JALAD AT THE TIKI BAR. ThinkGeek invites you to get your “Star Trek The Next Generation Geeki Tikis”. Allow us to raise a toast to your taste in housewares with these Star Trek The Next Generation Geeki … Continue reading

Pixel Scroll 8/21/17 Rishathra Ain’t Nothing But Love Mispronounced

(1) HELP COMING FOR INDIE AUTHORS. Brian Keene, in the August 17 episode of his podcast The Horror Show, mentioned a new resource for librarians. Dann explains: Small press and indie authors face the double problems of getting bookstores to … Continue reading

Pixel Scroll 5/1/17 Heigh-Ho, The Derry-O, A Pixel We Will Scroll

(1) CLARA COMING BACK? In a spoiler-filled post, “This ‘Doctor Who’ Companion Could Be About to Return for the Christmas Special “, Lewis Jeffries speculates about the 2017 Doctor Who Christmas Special. On Twitter, it has been stated that Eddie’s … Continue reading