Mascari Wins 2011 ISFiC Writers Contest

Mary Mascari’s short story “The Pod” has won the 2011 ISFiC Writers Contest. Her award was announced November 11 at Windycon, the Chicago area’s longest running science fiction convention. She received a cash prize of $300, plus membership and a room at Windycon, and her story was published in the program book.

Mascari won for the second year in a row, joining the ranks of other two-time winners Richard Chwedyk (1986 & 1988) and C.T. Fluhr (1993 & 1996). The award has been presented since 1986.

Honorable mentions went to Michael Unger for “Dawn Must Come” and Jeff Byrne for “The Un-usual Suspects.” The honorable mention winners received a silver coin.

The judges for the 2011 Award were Bill Fawcett, Roland Green, and Elizabeth Anne Hull.

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[Thanks to Steven H Silver for the story.]

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Midge Reitan Passes Away

Chicago area fan Midge Reitan died January 14. I’ll miss her: we talked at a lot of Worldcons and Windycons over the years.

Most of the time when I ran into Midge she was with Martha Beck or Dana Siegel. It was through Midge and Dana that I met and became friends with Martha (who had already run for TAFF and so on before I ever met her)

Midge made an appreciative audience for Dana Siegel: they had the same acerbic wit (although Dana’s is more so.)

Midge helped friends throw parties and contributed in other ways to make conventions worthwhile without getting her name on too many long lists. One exception was her service as co-chair of Windycon 7 (1980).

[Via Steven Silver and Andrew Porter.]