ESFS Nominations 2019

The European Science Fiction Society has released the 2019 nominees for its Achievement, Hall of Fame and Chrysalis awards.

The winners of these awards will be selected at the next general meeting of the ESFS, which will take place at the 41st Eurocon /Titancon in Belfast from August 22-25.

The nominees in the various categories are contained in the following Dropbox documents.

(I would run the lists here, unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t support all of the characters, nor can I work around that by substituting code.)

ESFS Nominations 2018

The European Science Fiction Society has released the nominees for its Achievement, Hall of Fame and Chrysalis awards.

The winners of these awards will be selected at the next general meeting of the ESFS, which will take place at the 40th Eurocon in Amiens from July 19-22.

The nominees in the various categories are contained in the following documents.

(I would run the lists here, unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t support all of the characters, nor can I work around that by substituting code.)

2016 ESFS Awards

The European Science Fiction Society presented its 2016 Awards at Eurocon in Barcelona.


BEST AUTHOR: Tom Crosshill (Latvia)

BEST ARTIST: Stephan Martinère (France)

BEST MAGAZINE: Bifrost (France)

BEST PUBLISHER: Ediciones B (Spain)

BEST PROMOTER: (Three-way tie) James Bacon (Ireland), Roberto Quaglia (Italy), Organizers of Archipelacon (Finland & Sweden)

BEST TRANSLATOR: Andrew Bromfield (United Kingdom)


  • Orshulya Farynyak – Ukraine
  • Felicidad Martínez – Spain
  • Mark E. Pocha – Slovakia
  • Alexandru Lamba – Romania
  • Jan Hlávka and Jana Vybíralová- Czech Republic
  • Maria Gyuzeleva – Bulgaria
  • Kuschuj Nepoma – Russia
  • Rui Ramos- Portugal
  • Melanie Vogeltanz – Austria
  • Juraj Beloševic – Croatia
  • Maria Boyle- Ireland


BEST AUTHOR: Guillem López – (Spain)

BEST ARTIST: Kristina Bilota Toxicpanda (Croatia)

BEST FANZINE: SuperSonic (Spain)

BEST WEBSITE: Risingshadow (Finland)

BEST DRAMATIC PRESENTATION: (Tie) El Ministerio Del Tiempo/The Ministry of Time (Spain), The Shaman (Austria)



2015 ESFS Awards

Eurocon 2014 st petersberg 2015 CROPPThe European Science Fiction Society announced the winners of the 2015 ESFS Awards  at Eurocon 2015 in St. Petersburg, Russia on April 26.

HONORARY AWARD European Grand Master

Eugene Lukin


Best Author:  China Miéville (United Kingdom)
Best Artist  Manchu (France)
Best Magazine:  Fantastica Almanac (Bulgaria)
Best Publisher:  Gollancz (United Kingdom)
Best Promoter Mihaela Marija Perkovic‘ (Croatia)
Best Translator  Ekaterina Dobrohotova-Majkova (Russia)


  • Micheal Wozoning – Austria
  • Kaloyan Zahariev – Bulgaria
  • David Kelecic – Croatia
  • Martin D. Antonin – Czech Republic
  • Liz Bourke – Ireland
  • Luis Corredoura – Portugal
  • Georgiana Vladulescu – Romania
  • Victor Kolyuzhniak – Russia
  • Jana Paluchová – Slovakia


Best Artist:  Serhiy Krykun (Ukraine)
Best Fanzine:  Pritiazhenie(Attraction) (Russia)
Best Website:  Europa SF (Romania)
Best Dramatic Presentation: Song of the Sea (Ireland)
Best creator of children’s ScienceFiction or fantasy books:
  • Anton Lomaev* (Russia)
  • Ruth F Long* (Ireland)

*A tie occurred and both creators are awarded.

[Thanks to Gareth Kavanagh for the press release.]

2014 ESFS Awards Given at Shamrokon

ESFS logo

The winners of the 2014 European Science Fiction Society Awards were announced August 24 at the 36th Eurocon, Shamrokon, in Dublin.

European Grand Master
Jim Fitzpatrick – Ireland

Hall of Fame
Best Author: Wolfgang Jeschke – Germany
Best Artist: Jim Fitzpatrick – Ireland
Best Publisher: Angry Robot – United Kingdom
Best Magazine: Cosmoport – Belarus
Best Translator: Ms. Kersti Juva – Finland
Best Promoter of Science Fiction: Dave Lally – Ireland

These one-time awards are chosen by the European Committee by secret ballot based on nominations submitted by the National Delegates.

Spirit of Dedication:
Artist: Alexander Prodan – Ukraine
Best Performance: Adaption of Dr. Horribles Sing-along blog – Croatia
Best SF Website: Geek Ireland – Ireland
Best Fanzine: Darker – Russia
Best creator of children’s Science Fiction or fantasy books:
Oisín McGann – Ireland
Vladimir Arenev – Ukraine

Encouragement Awards
Marco Rauch – Austria
Victor Martinovich – Belarus
Genoveva Detelinova – Bulgaria
Irena Hartmann – Croatia
Míla Linc – Czech Republic
Anthea West – Ireland
Robert M. Wegner – Poland
Rui Alex – Portugal
Eugen Cadaru – Romania
Roman Shmarakov – Russia
Lenka Štiblaríková – Slovakia
Igor Silivra – Ukraine

These Awards are granted according to the suggestions from the National Delegates to a young writer or artist from each European Country.

Shamrokon Starts Tomorrow

Shamrokon, this year’s Eurocon, begins August 22 in Dublin.

Going into the weekend, Shamrokon had 1,038 members from 34 countries – with the U.S. holding a very thin lead as the country with the most members, one that Ireland presumably will overtake after the doors open.

Shamrokon offers a full schedule of panel programming and an international slate of guests, including two people involved with Game of Thrones, actor Miltos Yerolemou (sword master Syrio Forel) and Emma Andrews (who does production work on drapes, banners, tents and all kinds of things).

Shamrokon also will host the Golden Blasters, the Annual Irish Genre Short Film Festival (that usually takes place at Octocon), and the European Science Fiction Society Awards ceremony.

The con committee has thought about how it will approach Diversity Issues as part of the program and made this decision —

Fandom is wonderfully diverse both in how humanity is portrayed in genre and the people who love it. We have made the decision to not separate out panels to focus on diversity issues, as we feel these issues are part of the general discourse and should be just part of the discussions.

And I am intrigued by its direction to program moderators —

Also we’d ask that Moderators please when selecting people to speak from the floor they describe what the person is wearing and where they are sitting, when calling on them to speak with out using gender as a descriptor as this can be problematic.

While I haven’t been trying to overcome that particular problem, I think my own practice as a panel moderator works, too: to use the person’s name if I know it, and otherwise, make eye contact, point at who I’m recognizing, and include the word “you” as I call on [him/her/whoever].

ESFS Award Nominations

The nominees for the European Science Fiction Society Hall of Fame and Spirit of Dedication awards have been announced. The winners will be selected by the delegates to the ESFS general meeting at the 36th Eurocon, Shamrokon, which will take place in Dublin later this month.


Awarded to people who have had an international impact.

Best Author:

  • Ulrike Schmitzer – Austria
  • Sergey Bulyga- Belarus
  • Nikolay Tellalov- Bulgaria
  • Vilma Kadlecková- Czech Republic
  • Dunyach, Jean-Claude- France
  • Wolfgang Jeschke- Germany
  • Dario Tonani- Italy
  • Romeu de Melo- Portugal
  • Liviu Radu- Romania
  • Vadim Panov- Russia
  • Juraj Cervenák- Slovakia
  • Yana Dubinianska- Ukraine
  • Paul McAuley- United Kingdom

Best Translator:

  • D. Mogilevcev, K. Kurchenkova- Belarus
  • Sara Doke- Belgium
  • Adrian Lazarovski- Bulgaria
  • Jan Kant?rek- Czech Republic
  • Ms. Kersti Juva- Finland
  • Bernhard Kempen- Germany
  • Marco Crosa- Italy
  • Jorge Candeias- Portugal
  • Mihai Dan Pavelescu- Romania
  • Kirill Pleshkov- Russia
  • Sergey Legeza- Ukraine

Best Promoter:

  • Wolfgang Niederwieser – Austria
  • Raisa Borovikova – Belarus
  • The team of the Citadel ( – Bulgaria
  • Mihaela Marija Perkovic – Croatia
  • Toni Jerrman – Finland
  • Dominique Martel and Ellen Hertzfeld (Quarante-Deux team) – France
  • Hermann Ritter – Germany
  • Dave Lally – Ireland
  • Silvio Sosio – Italy
  • Marcelina Gama Leandro – Portugal
  • Eugen Lenghel – Romania
  • Alexandr Sidorovich-  Russia
  • Katka Bajzíková (Slavcon) – Slovakia
  • Brian Aldiss – United Kingdom
  • Yuriy Shevela – Ukraine

Best Magazine:

  • Visionarium – Austria
  • Cosmoport – Belarus
  • Almanah Fantastika – Bulgaria
  • phantastisch! – Germany
  • Fantasy & Science Fiction – Italy
  • CPSF Anticipatia – Romania
  • UFO (Ukrainian SFF Review) – Ukraine

Best Publisher

  • Septime (owner: Jürgen Schütz) – Austria
  • Galiafy – Belarus
  • Bard – Bulgaria
  • Argo – Czech Republic
  • L’Atalante – France
  • Ernst Wurdack – Germany
  • Swan River Press – Ireland
  • Delos Digital – Italy
  • Editura Tracus Arte – Romania
  • Azbooka – Russia
  • Aertis Omnis – Slovakia
  • Angry Robot – United Kingdom
  • Family Leisure Club – Ukraine

Best Artist:

  •  Johann Peterka – Austria
  • Valeriy Slauk  – Belarus
  • Petar Stanimirov – Bulgaria
  • Pavel ?ech – Czech Republic
  • Didier Graffet – France
  • Lothar Bauer – Germany
  • Jim Fitzpatrick – Ireland
  • Tomasz Baginski – Poland
  • Pedro Piedade Marques – Portugal
  • Catalin Negrea – Romania
  • Sergey Shikin – Russia
  • Michal Ivan – Slovakia
  • Alexander Prodan – Ukraine

Spirit of Dedication Award:

Awards given for works and performances produced since the last Eurocon.


  • Petar Stanimirov – Bulgaria
  • Manchu – France
  • Marian Mirescu – Romania
  • Igor Savin – Russia
  • Alexander Prodan – Ukraine

Best Fanzine

  • Citadelata – Bulgaria
  • Présences d’esprits – France
  • Antologia Fénix de Ficção Científica e Fantasia – Portugal
  • Gazeta SF – Romania
  • Darker – Russia
  • Jashubeg en Jered – Slovenia
  • Fantasy World – Ukraine

Best Website

Best Dramatic Presentation

  • Aurelion: Eternal Balance – Bulgaria
  • Adaptation of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along blog – Croatia
  • Adrian Chifu – Romania
  • Trudno byt bogom – Russia
  • Liubomyr Levytskiy (Unforgotten Shadows) –  Ukraine

Best creator of children’s SF or fantasy books

  • Nikola Raykov – Bulgaria
  • Oisín McGann –  Ireland
  • Vladimir Arenev –  Ukraine
  • Julia Donaldson –  United Kingdom