Chicon 7 Overflows Its Hotel

Running a Worldcon means managing tradeoffs and, honestly, every chair hopes to face the “problem” of filling the main hotel room block and needing to dispatch people to an overflow hotel.

That’s what Chicon 7 chairman Dave McCarty started doing today:

We are delighted to have filled our room block at the Hyatt Regency. We have taken almost 2000 rooms in total, reflecting the popularity and anticipation for the Worldcon returning to Chicago. We are equally delighted to have the Sheraton Chicago joining us as our second hotel partner, ensuring that all members can stay within a few minutes of the convention site.

From a public relations standpoint he’s also fortunate that the Hyatt sold out gradually enough that fans could be given plenty of warning, in contrast to last year when Renovation’s main hotel sold out the first day.

The full press release follows the jump.

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James Bacon: C2E2 Outreach Ready

Outreach at C2E2

By James Bacon: With support from Baen, Tor, Penguin as well as fans from as far afield as Arizona, California and Boston, the Science Fiction Outreach Project had a massive boost from Midwest fans and now has over 5,700 books to give away!

Financial support has been amazing from within fandom and so we are all set up here at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2), for a busy weekend.

Helen Montgomery and Terrence Miltner led the charge with Sondra, Leane, Dave, Geri and myself helping and we even had time to check out the show (and I held a real Captain America shield.)

All books have a bookmark, listing websites of all the amazing supporters and we are hoping for a busy weekend.

Smofcon Ripples

Smofcon 27 was held in Austin over the weekend and produced plenty of interesting news.

This year’s Worldcon, Anticipation, distributed checks for pass-along surplus funds, $17,000 each to Aussiecon 4 and Renovation, and is holding another $17,000 for the winning 2012 bid. 

There presently is only one 2012 Worldcon bid, for Chicago. During Smofcon the bid committee revealed it has chosen Dave McCarty to chair the Worldcon if they win. He is beginning to set up the committee structure.

Bidders for future Smofcons made presentations. The two bids for Smofcon 2011 are Maui (James Daugherty and Bobbi Armbruster) and Amsterdam (Vince Docherty, presented by Steve Cooper).  There also is a bid to hold Smofcon in Pennsylvania in 2012, either in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia (Laurie Mann and Joni Dashoff).

Chicago in 2012
Hits the Campaign Trail

The Chicago in 2012 Worldcon bid was officially launched at Denvention 3. The bid’s leadership includes Dave McCarty (Chairman), Helen Montgomery (Secretary), and Tom Veal (Treasurer).

Those who believe nothing exists until it hits the internet can also consider the official launch to have happened this weekend. There’s now a well-designed bid website, a Chicago in 2012 LiveJournal community, and a Facebook page.

The website indicates there eventually will be available for download copies of the souvenir pulp magazines the bid is creating and giving to $20 presupporting members. Fred Pohl wrote the story for the premiere issue.

Jet Beetle

Ron Patrick's jet-powered Beetle

Ron Patrick’s jet-powered VW Beetle is street legal. Well, the cops haven’t found a California law they can charge him under, anyway.

He has a website explaining all about the design, with intriguing comments like: “The heat blanket keeps the plastic bumper from melting when the jet is operating.” Uh, yeah, that would be important now that you mention it.

And his motorcycle? It’s powered by two jet engines.

There is a Darwin Award story about somebody killing himself while driving a jet-powered rig like his, but someone ruined my fun by pointing out Snopes’ report that it’s 100% baloney.

[Via Dave McCarty and Rick Moen]

Ron Patrick's Scooter