James Gunn in 1960s

Harlan Ellison and James Gunn.  Photo by and copyright © 2013 Andrew Porter.

Harlan Ellison and James Gunn. Photo by and copyright © 2013 Andrew Porter.

Andrew Porter is on his way to San Antonio to “hobnob with my fellow wizards.” His farewell gift to you is a photo of LoneStarCon 3 Guest of Honor James Gunn, taken on East 40th Street in NYC in the 1960s.

“Snazzy dresser; nice mustache!” says Porter. “Pay no attention to Harlan Ellison, behind him. I hope that photo, plus others I took of other GoHs, will be in the Program Book.”

LSC3 Plans Teaching SF Workshop

“Teaching Science Fiction,” a workshop for teachers, librarians, and parents on how to use science fiction as a teaching tool, will be presented at LoneStarCon 3 by AboutSF, an organization based at the University of Kansas.

It is a half-day seminar for those interested in developing a class on science fiction for primary or secondary students. No prior knowledge of the genre is assumed, and general attendees are welcome to attend as well.

Workshop speakers will include Worldcon Guest of Honor Dr. James Gunn.

Cost and contact information appears in the full press release which follows the jump.

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LoneStar Con 3 Announces Guests

The Texas bid for the 2013 Worldcon was officially declared the winner at Renovation’s Saturday business meeting. It had been essentially unopposed and received 694 of the 760 votes cast, with 14 other choices receiving votes.

Co-chairs Laura Domitz and Bill Parker announced the con will be called LoneStar Con 3 and will be held in San Antonio from August 29-September 2, 2013.

The guests of honor will be James Gunn, Norman Spinrad, Darrell K. Sweet, Ellen Datlow, and Willie Siros. Toastmaster will be Paul Cornell. There also will be two Special Guests, Leslie Fish and Joe R. Lansdale.

At this time a new adult attending membership costs $160, young adult (under 21) $110 and Child $75.   

The detail of Site Selection voting is: Texas 694, None of the Above 14, and write-ins — Xerpes 6, Minneapolis in ’73 5, Denton, the Happiest Place on Earth 4, Boston 2020 Christmas 3, and the following each received 1 vote, Antartica, Babylon 5, BSFS Clubhouse, Chicago, Cincinnati, Fred Duarte’s House, Peggy Rae’s House, Spuzzum, Unalakleet (AK). There were also 14 invalid ballots submitted.

The full press release follows the jump.

[Thanks to Patrick Molloy for a copy of the voting stats.]

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Sturgeon Papers Donated

The late Theodore Sturgeon’s books, papers, manuscripts and correspondence will find a lasting home at the University of Kansas’ Kenneth Spencer Research Library.

The university’s Center for the Study of Science Fiction already has ties to the acclaimed writer. It gives the Sturgeon Award for the best short science fiction annually at the center’s Campbell Conference, which takes place this weekend, July 7-10.

The collection includes Sturgeon’s original manuscript and multiple film script treatments of More Than Human, the notes and outline for his Star Trek script “Amok Time,” correspondence, story ideas and drafts shared with John W. Campbell, Robert Heinlein, Edgar Pangborn, Harlan Ellison, Isaac Asimov, Kurt Vonnegut, Gene Roddenberry and T.H. White, and personal items like his adoption papers, in which his name was changed.

Til now the Sturgeon collection had been privately held in two parts — the Woodstock collection, from his widow, Marion, and the Sturgeon Literary Trust collection managed by daughter Noël.  In making the donation, Noël Sturgeon credited the work of James Gunn, professor emeritus of English created the university’s Intensive English Institute on the Teaching of Science Fiction in 1975 and the Center for the Study of Science Fiction in 1982.

“Jim’s long dedication to the teaching and scholarship of science fiction, and his particular interest in and support of my father’s work, was the main impetus behind our choice of the Spencer Research Library at the University of Kansas as the home for Sturgeon’s collection of papers,” she said.

[Adapted from the press release. Thanks to Andrew Porter for the story.]

David Brin: AboutSF Wants Help

David Brin: One of the best things to happen in SF and fandom, in recent years is the “AboutSF” project, run by famed author and SF academic James Gunn, at the University of Kansas’s “Science Fiction Center.”  

See www.AboutSF.com.   

One AboutSF program — the online curriculum on science fiction literature — has been tested at numerous conventions and Worldcons, receiving great praise. The turn-key program will let almost anyone run a fascinating Introduction to SF seminar almost anywhere, from local libraries and schools to cons around the world. 

The AboutSF Project could use some help! Volunteers and people with expertise could be invaluable to Jim Gunn’s endeavors, strengthening SF fandom and literature. Especially needed are DATABASE experts who could help fix and improve AboutSF’s other paramount program… the SPECULATION SPEAKER’S BUREAU.

SpecSpeakers aims to provide an easy, one-stop shopping place to find SF authors, SF scholars and futurists who might be willing to talk to the public about a wide range of topics (especially SF and the future, but also science and related subjects). It could be a library, looking for a local writer willing to talk about her or his latest book. Or a major corporation seeking a keynoter for a big fee. Either way, SF will benefit. So will fandom and civilization! 

Experts who might be willing to form an advisory group, and get their coding fingers dirty, for a good cause, should contact Professor Gunn at: jgunn (at) ku.edu or to AboutSF (at) gmail.com.

Jim Gunn adds: Kristen Lillvis, our current coordinator, thinks this would be helpful, particularly if we’re able to get an assistant who is skillful in web matters, as we hope to do. So, we’d be grateful for any volunteer help.